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I'm really going to miss this place...
Masq at 12:22AM, Jan. 1, 2011
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Hey guys, it's Masq. I know I haven't been on in forEVER, to which I apologize. Life hits hard, and comics are more a hobby than an important part of my life. I'm a writer, and writing comes more naturally to me than comic making.

Anyway, my computer committed harakiri last week, destroying the harddrive and everything in it. So, I lost everything: my writing, my pictures, my Comic Book Program, everything. And I never backed anything up. So, with no new way to get my pictures back or continue my comics, I must retire from DrunkDuck.

I just want to say this place is awesome! I recommend it to anyone who wants to start comics. It's so easy to use, and the community has been the nicest, greatest community I've seen on the Internet as a whole. To anyone just starting, welcome. You're gonna have a blast. I might pop in every once in a while to check up on some comics that I love, but now, life demands my attention goes elsewhere. You can always check out my deviantart account: if you want to pop in and say hi.

Bye guys! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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usedbooks at 11:45AM, Jan. 1, 2011
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Aw. :( You've been MIA forever, so when I saw your username on the forum, I got excited thinking “Masq is coming back!”

You have now given me my first disappointment of 2011. ;_;
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