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Imitheos Academy(Sign up Thread)
Rengishi at 1:45PM, July 4, 2010
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It is the year 2010.Right behind our world is a world regular humans can't understand,and have completely blocked their minds off from,a world of majic and unique creatures,But recently something has thrown the balance in the majic world off.Creatures known as Jin have escaped from the underworld to breed with females,in times long passed the Jin were used as a temporary death force to keep the balance.Their job was to eat souls of the evil and guide those of the good to an Olympus like garden.But after Hades came to rule the Underworld he had them locked away,a mistake he has now come to regret.Normally the Jin can't eat regular humans,but there is a clause,the children are half human and therefore unbound by the rules,Many of the gods voted to have them killed,but being that they were half human ,and having a conscience they decided to send them to a school where,hopefully they can learn to control their powers,But they are not the only ones who have come out of hiding to breed.Dragons,the exact opposite of Jin have started breeding as well their children look almost exactly human except for their eyes which are all yellow with reptilian black slits and a tatoo of wings permanently burned into their skin.Spirits of the elements have taken hold of mortal bodies and given birth to element shapers.Last but not least there are humans who have been bestowed powers by Zeus himself known as mystics ,and whatever force Distorted this balance is extremely powerful and it will take the children of these mystic beings to stop it.But first they must be trained at this school to control their powers enough to fight.

Jin-They can't go around killing without powers right?)As a Jin you have the ability to control shadows and make them come straight up into the air (Control over others shadows ,but not their bodies ,shadow spikes,shadow swords,Shadow teleportation short distances etc…)

Dragons-Obvious powers: Fire breath,Flight,Strength,hard scales that withstand all metals but dragon made ones)
Special Dragons:

Techno dragon child:Laser beam cannon from mouth,Jet style wing flight,Control over nearby technology (feel free to make some new powers).

Light dragon child:Can turn into pure light itself,Travel at light speeds,Anything impure touched by your light shall be set ablaze etc(feel free to make some new powers.)

Fire Dragon Child:A dragon made purely of fire that has complete manipulation of fire etc etc..

Dragonite Dragon Child:Dragonite is an extremely hard metal that can slice through break or smash, but cannot be damaged by,anything.This child can meld it's body into any shape or form.

Element Shapers:Have complete control over elements but not over dragon elements

Fire Shaper:Can manipulate and generate fire

Water Shaper: Can manipulate and generate water

Air Shaper: Can manipulate air with wrist movements

Earth shaper: Can mold earth

Mystics:No one knows just what these guys can do(Make your own power and I may or may not accept it) XP

Teacher skeleton

Age: (25 an up)
Race: What you are
Bio: (your life and what you did ,when you discovered your powers,how you became a teacher)
Weapon: (If used all your powers will be poured into it)
Appearance: (try to post any pic u can but I don't care if you don't XP)

What you teach your students:

Student Skeleton

Age: (11 an up)
Bio: (your life and what you did ,when you discovered your powers,and how you came to be a student)
Weapon: (If used all your powers will be poured into it)
Appearance: (try to post any pic u can but I don't care if you don't XP)

Accepted characters:

PSN account: OrangeDJ1
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