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In the spirit of the season
Aussie_kid at 3:42AM, Feb. 14, 2008
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Well, it's vday once again and people are lonely. Some of you can't find the right person, while others don't have the time or money to get lavalife or go to a bar. So, just for the hell of it, why not put some information of yourself here and maybe a picture, while reading what other people have to say?

And who knows? We might even have another EvilEmporerNick/Amelius type matchmaking. But, this is more just for the fun of it.

Also, don't post here if you don't want someone PQing you for your number or whatever because they like what you said about yourself.

Anyway, here's me so you guys will have an idea of what to do

Name - David
Age - 19
Gender - Male
Location - Sydney, Australia
Preference - Girls (As in, I'm straight)
Interests - Webcomics (Of course) mostly humour although I do like anything with a good story
- I collect graphic novels (Manga and western) rather than individual comics because they have more of the characters I like
- Reading books, sci-fi/fantasy, humour, horror and thriller
- Console games, although I do have the Sims and Age of Empires II on my PC

Looking for - Someone roughly my age (Late teens to early twenties I guess) that I can talk to about stuff. They don't have to live right next door. I have MSN so we could chat on that.

So yeah, that's the deal roughly. I would love it if someone found the love of their life through this thread, but I know the odds of that. Remember to give someone who PQs you a chance, because opposites do attract.
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CoyoteLongshot at 6:57PM, Feb. 14, 2008
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Sweet. It's like, but I don't have to pay to use it. This is a fun topic. I think I shall partake in the festivities.

*Whispers to Aussie_kid*
I hope other people post here, or we'll be sooooooooo uncool.


Name - Adam
Age - 20
Gender - Male
Location - Redmond, Washington
Preference - Girls
Interests - Well let's see. I like long walks on the beach, whispering various nothings in the ears of strangers, et cetera. And cheeseburgers. I loooove cheeseburgers.

But more than that, like video games, anime, and just drawing in general, all of which I never grew out of when everyone else did. Every once in a blue moon I'll enjoy a good novel or two. And just… getting out whenever I can. college does not allow for too much of this.

Looking for - I dunno. A girl, I guess.

That body caused fifty accidents. Yeah…. I'm not allowed on billboards anymore.

PS- I am a poor college student with no car and five pennies to my name. Eat that, gold diggers!
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