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Is consistancy important?
marine at 11:43PM, Dec. 29, 2006
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I know penis is always catching flak for being a qaunity over qaulity comic (depending on who you're asking anyway), but isn't it important that penis has maintained almost uniform consistancy for the last three years? I'm not joking at all eithar, the first few pages look very consistant with the newer ones. The character designs got more detailed around page 50ish (when I moved into doing story arcs) and I was just wondering what you guys thought about consitancy to a webcomic.
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Zac at 12:13AM, Dec. 30, 2006
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I think consistancy is pretty important with a strip.
But I don't think it has to be as strict as everything looking the same as it does in the first strip as the same as the current strip. Regardless of who you are, the more you work on something, the better you're going to get at it. You'll find shortcuts, better ways of writing, and better ways to execute your ideas. I think it's important to discover your styles (art/writing) and try to stick with it. Improvement in art and writing isn't a bad thing, I actually enjoy seeing how a comic changes with time, while still sticking to the original style.

Definately it's important to let your reader know what they're in for and not change it on them. That's one reason I made a new strip completely, while retaining the comic name. The new strip I'm doing is stylistically different from the original and I didn't want to confuse readers.

Consistency is good.
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theleast at 2:56AM, Dec. 30, 2006
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We need to distinguish between consistency and stagnation. It's great for a comic, especially an ongoing serial, to have consistent themes and ideas flowing through. But if a comic never grows or improves, then I think it has stagnated and need not exist. All of my favourite webcomics have changed significantly since they began, and they're much better for it.
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Ludus Pragma at 5:24PM, Dec. 31, 2006
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I think consistancy is very important…. of course my character designs have changed a lot since I started drawing and they are going to keep changing…but still it's important to creat a sense of structure and help with the suspension of disbelief.
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