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Karaoke videos!!!!!! come on... you know you want to......
notlikelytocare at 10:35AM, June 18, 2007
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I dont know about the rest of you guys…… But I LOVE Karaoke…… I was just wondering if anyone else had vids of them singing on the web……if you do - leave a link…… if you dont - what are you waiting for???? SING DAMNIT!!!! Maybe if enough DD-ers do this we can have a contest of sorts….. any takers?????

b.t.w. - mine are on my profile……
My avatar is tiny because I'm compensating.
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Cthulhu at 12:09PM, June 18, 2007
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Oh, hell naw.
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marine at 4:20PM, June 18, 2007
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I was featured on a few rap songs and thought about releasing an album of my own. I'm a pretty decent singer, so karaoke seems lame. I'd rather do an actual show.
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silent_but_eggy at 8:41PM, June 18, 2007
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hey does anyone know how to make a cd of your own karaoke songs. like for instance, my favourite song ever is queen of the highway by the Doors, but i can never ever find out where it is. so ya, i want to know if there is a way to make karaoke cd's or something like that so i can sing all the obscurest songs and people won't know how bad i am, they'll be like ‘i can’t whether he sucks or the song he is singing is of poor quality, i will assume the former and therefore will applaud his soy-induced drunken performance'. let me know if you know, ya know.
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