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Link Exchange (Hopefully in the right area...)
ShinGen at 9:19AM, Nov. 10, 2006
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Hey, I saw a topic like this in another area but I figure why not make one giant one for everyone?

I figure we can all just post up our banners and links here and PQ whoever we want to link exchange with.

It saves space and time as opposed to a bunch of the same topic for different people.

Anywho here's how you add the links (Just copy and paste it into your page and make the needed changes)


I suggest the average size for link boxes to be about 300 x 40 (Width x Height) Just because it flows well and takes up smaller amounts of space for more links.

Well anyways here's my own image

And link

Who ever is intersted post up and we'll all get linking asap ^_^

Welcome to the academy of the 1337. Try not to get fragged.
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Dynamic at 8:11PM, Nov. 10, 2006
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I tried that and I just got lectured and it got deleted because there was already a post elsewhere so that people could link with just one person.

I'm all for starting a section where people can have free-for-all link-exchange whoring So I'll take part, but might I reccomend a follow up through PQ after posting your link?

Just to make it easier to keep track of who's got your link where?

anyway, here's mine.

here's the html for it
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