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looking for an artist for Back from Death Angel
campbellim at 7:20PM, Aug. 28, 2010
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This is about a man who refuses to talk, he only talks in his head and writes to communicate. He is a 40 year old man, an alcoholic, and a man with a painful past. One day he goes out to buy some alcohol, he meets a child, a child who is in the street. He sees a car and runs to save the child. He pushes the child out of the way and is instead killed by that car. The child it seems was a angel sent by a god to allow one kind hearted but unlucky adult a chance to change his past. So when our main character (Risley) wakes he finds himself back in his seventeen year-old body, he then finds his urge to speak. He'll fight to correct his past and to save those who were important to him. Is he doomed to fail? As that seemed to be the case lasttime. Can he get a Happy Ending? He also finds himself back with the mental status of a seventeen year-old, but he has the memories of what happened last time.
Pm me if you're interested.
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