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WurrD at 2:44PM, Sept. 3, 2009
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I have many ideas scribbled down all over the place.

an entire plan for a graphic novel and the begins of the script, which i'll be writing on going (needs to be perfect in my eyes)

but i have loads of ideas for small comic runs and shorts.

If anyone is interested, looking for a new project, or wanting to help a noobie out ;)

then pq me! and we can talk, email some ideas and scripts and see what happens :)

trying to get my foot in the door and get my ideas out there!
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flapjack1995 at 7:35AM, Sept. 4, 2009
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Perhaps your foot would be more welcome in this door if it's purpose were known. For example, what genre? What setting? What kind of mood? What do you hope to achieve with this comic?
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WurrD at 2:15PM, Sept. 4, 2009
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that all depends though really. sorry my post was so brief but i wasn't sure of what criteria i need to write down in this kind of post :S

and what your question is aimed at?

I have plenty of ideas. my writing is mostly deep and metaphorical (guess the genre would be “noir”?) as for drawing styles… well i'm looking for a collaborater at the end of the day and i strongly believe that the art is just as important as the story itself and in most cases is all thats required. I have the artistic ability of a 3 year old so its definately not my strong point to even begin to list styles. i would be looking for someone who can interprate my script and my character and scene descriptions with in and have a free reign on what they think the book should look like. using their own styles or maybe challenging themselves. i'm open to all kinds of artists, if i like past work of theirs then i'm fine to trust them with my creation. after all this medium requires more than just a writer!

that answer? don't want to sound snappy or whatever i just really don't know what i could put down. i don't want to post up my entire story plan or parts of my script unless there is an interested party i could share information with.

so basically a talented artist who takes their work as seriously as i do (i hope to try get the graphic novel i'm working on published after completion) who has enough free time to dedicate to a project. if we have enough faith in the project we could maybe look into taking it further than the web. which i am all for. my over all goal and dream is to be a writer. i do short stories, have a few novel plans, but would most of all love to write comic books and graphic novels. I just have a passion for creating.


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Nergal at 8:44PM, Sept. 8, 2009
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hit me up with a short story
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