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Looking for Background artist for Fantasy Comic
DrProfessorman at 3:33PM, June 23, 2010
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I'm almost done on the script outline for a fantasy comic I am working on. It is not an ongoing series, it does have an ending, but it is quite long. While I'm happy with the character designs I've developed, and I'd like to draw most of the character work, I don't think my skills are honed enough to give their surrounding environments proper justice. What I'm looking for is someone who is very good at environment and background work. How this will work is, I'll give you a rough sketch of page layout, with details like what the environment looks like, the perspective of the panel, etc., and you return a drawing of all the background environments. Then, on the computer, I overlay the characters onto your environment. PM me if you want a plot summary of the comic, or any other details. IMPORTANT: This isn't a paid job. Sorry, I'm poor. This'll be just for fun.
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