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Looking for people willing to do a fan-crossover with me.
itsjustaar at 11:33PM, Jan. 21, 2011
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I've had this idea in my head for awhile, but I doubt I'll ever have the time or the energy to literally sit down and explore it in detail. What I seek actually is someone to help draw it out, and someone to help write the script for me. I'm no good with scripts, however I do have notes to serve as a basic guideline for me, and am willing to form something concrete to which both could be achieved.

For a long while I've always wanted to do a very reasonable, sensible DragonBall Z and Justice League of America fancomic. However, I don't want it to be a ‘versus’ fight, nor am I planning on putting any ridiculous over-the-top battles in the bulk of it. I'd like to create a very simple ‘culture’ kind of story with each of the two series' cast members get something of an understanding from either side. It'll be a one-shot experimental story that I'd like fans of both, or one of the two, so we can exchange ideas and see how this comes together. In the end, I think it would be a fun project to see manga superheroes and comicbook superheroes coming together.

I'm hoping to just create a fun project and not a ‘who wins who’ debate.

The basic premise is like this:

Issue 1

- Bulma is visiting America/Metropolis to secure a business deal for her father with Lexcorp, and in the process lands an interview with Lois Lane
- meanwhile she brings the Z-team over to the city to try and get a grip with the American culture
- out of all the group, Vegeta and Goku are the most restless; the former keeps leaving to pick on people at the gym, and attracting the attention of the superpowered characters of the DC universe who happen to be there
- Goku is rather mystified though by the reports of a ‘super man’ that Metropolis mentions a lot and cherishes
- so breaking his clean-cut nature at the bequest of Chi-Chi to settle down, he literally goes out to find him

Issue 2

- Goku spends the bulk of the series trying to set something up, but Superman doesn't arrive and thus sets Goku up as an up-and-coming superhero in town. He is taken in by the JLA to be welcomed and introduced to the group at their headquarters
- it doesn't take long though for Vegeta to be an ass and just start trouble during a fight between the Martian Manhunter and Solomon Grundy
- what begins with Vegeta pummeling the bad guy in question, winds up being Vegeta fighting everyone coming his way - good and/or bad, causing quite a stirr in Metropolis
- Superman is finally prompted to bring the Prince of Saiyans down
- meanwhile, the deal with Lexcorp goes sour in the wake of the fight; Goku's antics have won him a visit by the JLA, but Vegeta's troubles are making them question his very arrival
- perhaps at this point, Goku's and Superman's parallel's are explored

Issue 3

- The Z-Warriors are introduced in this issue; various characters either run into other tier characters from the DC universe. Either interacting or facing off one another: maybe Krillin got caught in a quest to thwart Captain Cold; Muten Roshi is observing Bruce Wayne's martial arts skill in a class and decides to join and train him some more; Yamcha seems to be romantically entangled amongst some of the female villains like Poison Ivy/Cheetah/Giganta/etc., or something
- This issue mainly serves as an exploration of the two worlds, no real fighting going on.
- Vegeta manages to bring Superman down, at the expense of quite a battle which is pretty vicious, up until Goku arrives.
- with some of the JLA backing up Goku during the fight, they manage to ease the tensions created and finally manage to snap him out of it. Thankfully, not a whole lot of Metropolis was destroyed during the fight but they did leave quite a long papertrail from here on

Issue 4

- with the battle over, and Vegeta pretty smug about his win streak amongst those he fought, the JLA and Z-Warriors all meet for dinner at the ‘Planet Krypton’ restaurant (the one seen at the end of ‘Kingdom Come’) to get to know each other.
- I was thinking Tien detaches himself from the Z-Warriors, effectively deciding to retire and become a member of the JLA; and maybe something like Picollo and Martian Manhunter discussing the politics of their backgroungs and history together
- joke end gag about a Naruto/Teen Titans (not the anime-ish cartoon) crossover
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