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Looking for short stories for Ghost Jam 2
legacyhero at 9:32AM, Dec. 10, 2007
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I'm putting together a second issue of a collaborative anthology called “Ghost Jam.”
The first was a continuous story done by several artists.

This time around I'd like to feature text-based stories. The theme being “Ghost Stories”

I want your “real life” ghost experiences.I'm looking for local folklore,legends or some unexplained scary phenomenon .I'm especially interested in the various interpretations of the “bogeyman”. So if you're from Germany ,Australia, Africa, wherever..I'd like to hear about the bogeyman from your area.

To the artists out there… If you'd like to submit a sketch or drawing along with your story that'd be cool also.( but not necessary)

I'm not going to put too man limits on the submission possibilities.
Just keep the stories real and scary.

Feel free to PQ me with questions or just post them here in this forum.

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