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Make the longest comic title.
Nintendude at 7:00PM, Jan. 7, 2007
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Rules : go to search & Browse and find random comic names and combine them into one giant title.
you can only search one page, after you looked at the page reply a message showing your long title. so find a comic with a long name to make the title bigger.
the title has to make sense so you can add the words : the adventures of, and, commander, and local mayor.
before you reply your title you cannot type the titles of comics seen on the last reply.
you are allowed to include your comics in your reply.
you can use any kind of comic seen on drunkduck, but it has to have at least more than 5 pages.
good luck everyone. :)
AWESOME MAN! Here to make the day more AWESOME…..MAN!
Dun dun dun awesomeman AWESOME MANNN!
*repeats until your head explodes*
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Krensada at 12:45AM, Jan. 11, 2007
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How unfortunate the 3rd duck hunt never fade away public humiliation!
Click on this banner…you know you want to!:

The bunny died upon entering my signature.
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doomscorpion1992 at 1:21PM, Jan. 12, 2007
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Danmit Charby, commander Wendy's Ultimate Nerdcore Hobo Vampire Anti Grog of ArrKelaan High gets you DRUNK

(for this to make sense, i had to add “gets you” )
1|= U (4|| R33|) 7|-|15, U ||33|) 70 G37 4 L1|=3
DANMIT! i changed again
Top Drawer Fence-Sitter.
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cool guy at 9:15AM, Jan. 7, 2009
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SUPERCALAFAGILISTICASPIALADOCIOS:The fight for the ultimate universe which dose not exist in real life cuz this is just a comic on the internet which may never really be published
This life we live shall soon be past,only what's done for Christ shall last! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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