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Monkey King, street brawling, alchoholic beavers, what else could you want to draw for?
LegalxDrug at 11:36AM, April 19, 2010
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HEYO! This is LxD here, looking for an artist to help him with a comic! I'm an incredibly poor artist, (or at least, i'm not exactly satisfied with my style) and I'd like a hand.

The current title for the comic is Onisaru, (roughly meaning Demon Monkey in japanese) and it deals with the Chinese mythology character the Monkey King. It's based in the U.S. in a large city, (something like new york? I mean, really, who wants to do a comic about the monkey king in Jackson Mississippi?) Any further details requires inquiry. Message me! Please?
Oh… My… God….
I found my mind!
It was in my hand the entire time!
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