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My Break: now with story line
spidermonkeyred at 5:47AM, Jan. 28, 2006
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Come watch Tara an angel who is assigned to the task of “moral advising consultant” or what is commnly known as a shoulder angel. While I have a story line centered around how she becomes a shoulder angel and how she meets her counterpart, Nur the shoulder demon, I hope to move into the realm of no to only short story lines.

A little about me: I have run two previous stories on the duck, the old one, called Paredros and De La Penguin. This project was suppose to be randpm strips with no follow up, but the ideas kept a flowing for this comic. I update once-twice a week due to a hantic scheadual of school, marathon training, marketing team (a national competition will be held in April and I'll be gone for a week), and life.

Here is the blasted page that started it all:

Come visit me sometime

I also have some exclusives on my deviantart site
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