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Castle Pokemetroid at 5:07PM, July 4, 2010
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Hello, I'm new here. I signed up a week ago, but only made my first post. I have a comic here on drunk duck. For my starting update, I posted up 13 pages, so on my first day, I had more pages than the majority of the other castlevania webcomics here.

I wonder, when most people start a comic, do they usually start with one or no pages?

I've been a spriter for four years now, making an animated series on youtube. Unfortunately, animation takes waaaay too long, so I decided to turn to webcomic making.

This seems to be a good site, since it's sooo easy to use. I think I'll stay.
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Mettaur at 8:30PM, July 4, 2010
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And don't forget the forums! This site is also known for being filled with friendly people and such, and fun things to do with the forums! Like a forum game run over in the games section, Mafia Games! Haha, but anyways, welcome whoever it is, and happy 4th of July! I'm the kind of guy that you talk awhile to, and a friendship may grow from it. Or bitter rivalry, but that happened just once.

But I digress, all this translated means, welcome! Welcome to our mess!
Been years since I was here. I've been at rehab since. So uh. Yknow, things got interesting.
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Castle Pokemetroid at 1:47PM, July 5, 2010
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Thanks! I feel welcomed already.
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