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Need artist or inker/colourist? I know a guy
Aussie_kid at 12:29AM, Feb. 13, 2007
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First off, let me assure you I'm not the one offering his talents *Hears laughter*

Jayfri, who some of you may know as the artist of Warriors of the Night wants more projects. Now, he is not a charity, but he's worth it. And I'm not just saying this. He delivers well done pages, helps identify any mistakes and always manages to keep ahead of the schedule (I'm talking really far ahead. The pages coming up now are ones I got in December)

He's willing to take anything, so long as you can spot the fee (Because his work does cost him a little for net, ink, colours, paper, etc.) which I can't remember what he's offering now, but it'd be no more than $2 a page (Probably less if you draw the original.And he takes bulk orders). And by anything, I mean anything. He'll do merchandise, stick to the comic no matter how long, random wallpapers, etc. and he's ready for anything.

So just PQ me and I'll give you his email to answer any questions you may have
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