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Not my time...
Juliechan at 3:52PM, March 2, 2007
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I am informing everyone that I have deleted Lemon Martini from drunkduck. I still plan on making a comic well….SOMEDAY. Lemon Martini being top priority. But with no scanner of my own, crappy art supplies, offers for art things I NEVER thought I'd see…I just don't feel I can do my best with Lemon Martini at this point in time. ( art and otherwise) I love Lemon Martini and it kills me to know that I started something I chose not to finish, but because I've worked so hard on Lemon Martini is why I deleted it. I want it to be the best it can be. And right now really is not the best time for that. Sorry to all those who liked it, maybe someday in the future I will get it up again, better than before and will actually finish it. I plan on posting it SOMEDAY.but as many of you can probably understand, I want my webcomic to be the best that it can be.
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subcultured at 3:54PM, March 2, 2007
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good luck!
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