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Insanity at 7:20PM, Aug. 12, 2007
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Was There Something Smack Jeeves Users Did To Drunk Duck?

I feel a little bit like Hitler right now, too.
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Phantom Penguin at 7:58PM, Aug. 12, 2007
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I know DD can't be all that mad at SJ. When the big crash occured SJ welcomed the newly homeless comics into its open arms until DD got back on its feet.
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warren at 8:45PM, Aug. 12, 2007
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One jerk does not represent all of smackjeeves, especially when it's just a webcomicker…. not an employee.

So let's hope there's no animosity between the two….

On the Duck:
Title -updating! ~30 strips!
PAC -New! >10 strips.

Spare Change -updating! ~2000 strips!
Mass Production -hiatus. ~300 strips.

This guy does Piss Mario, Stick, and Filler!
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Terminal at 7:57AM, Aug. 13, 2007
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What was a bad thing actually benefited all the users here at the Duck.

Fixes all around.
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