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irrevenant at 6:45AM, June 9, 2011
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I was just looking at the Drunk Duck Preview site and noticed the following:

* One of the featured comics “Those of No Class” is abbreviated in the infobox as “Those of No …”. Ditto “Wanted Dead or dead”. This is despite the fact there is plenty of room to display the full name (on my monitor at least). Can this be fixed please? The name of the comic is pretty important information

* When you try to access a mature readers comic without being logged in you are redirected to prompting you to log in. Unfortunately, once you log in, you're still at this page with no indication what comic you were trying to visit. This is particularly awkward if, like me, you open a a bunch of pages simultaneously in new tabs. Can it please be made to take you to the comic you were after once you've logged in, or at the very least contain the name of the comic and hopefully a link to it?

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skoolmunkee at 7:24AM, June 9, 2011
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We do have a large, stickied thread in this forum about the Preview and a bunch of feedback, so I'm going to close this thread. :] Thanks for your input though. It also helps if you use the “Feedback” tab on the preview site (it should be sticking out of the left-hand part of your screen), since that makes it a little easier to keep track of all the suggestions made and things which need fixing.

A couple (non-official) responses though:
- based on default browser font sizes, the text may not fit. Perhaps they were being conservative?

- that's a good one!
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ozoneocean at 8:34AM, June 9, 2011
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- based on default browser font sizes, the text may not fit. Perhaps they were being conservative?
Nope, he's right, that's a silly design choice on the designer end. There SHOULD be full titles, even if they have to go to two lines (or more).
But yeah, font sizes are strictly specified by the CSS here. If you have different fonts and sizes overriding in your browser then ALL the design on the site gets screwed anyway… because it's very inflexible. And the space that they have to work with for titles there (on one line) is the entire width of the feature bar, minus the page number dialogue and author name- so even without going to more lines the space for the title can be over TWICE as wide.

So yeah, bad design choice, and well spotted by irrevenant :)
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