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Aussie_kid at 5:45AM, Dec. 11, 2006
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I'm curious. Out of all you guys on DD, how many have actually printed works? Or are planning to soon.

To those that have or will, congratulations. Even if it's self-publishing, it's still an achievement if you've sold some things (money doesn't matter, only the fact people like you so much they're willing to pay for your stuff). I think any amateur maker going with an underground attempt. If it's by a professional company (Sells it for you, etc.) then even better

Having said that, what would you guys put in your graphic novels? If ever Warriors of the Night gets so popular it would be requested to be printed, I'd add in stuff like profiles, a little history, maybe some other extras for the buyers.

What about you guys?
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carrollhach at 7:36AM, Dec. 11, 2006
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I've had stuff printed in small comics as well as newspapers, but I've never printed one myself. I was thinking that when Clench & Cheese reach 150 or so I'll publish the collection and make it available online. it will take some reformatting because I haven't really used a standard size for anything. I love print comics.
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ccantrell31 at 8:21AM, Dec. 11, 2006
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I have several printed books as well as strips in print in a few publications. None of them have made me rich or break even but they exist just the same. I actually created an entire book just to chronicle an entire comic I make rather than give watered down versions of the character bios and their enviroment.
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anystar at 1:41PM, Dec. 11, 2006
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Oh, I fully intend to self publish my comic. :3 I've made single issue versions of my old work, but this new one will probably be graphic novel only. Heres what it'll include:

*Cover page with a screentone version of the color cover
*Chapter Listing with an ilustrated border thing
*Dedication (with art too)
*Illustrated Chapter breaks (standalone illustrations at the start of each chapter)
*the actual comic
*a oneshot short comic
*5-10 side illustrations/maps/etc never before shown (ie not online)
*character profile (one profile in each of the three volumes, corresponding with the character on the cover)
*MAYBE a centerfold-like poster or stickers

I sold a few of my old comics, so maybe I can sell a few more of this XD this will have a lot better art at least. >> Fantasy Graphic Novel in Black and White :3
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