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Proof read + Story helper watched
countingstars at 2:16PM, Nov. 27, 2009
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I've jsut started a super-natural romance, i've liturally only done 5 pages so this really is a baby comic.

But i need some help!
I'm looking for someone who would proof read my comic because I verging on retared with my spelling and grammer, i just can't do it! no matter how many times i read over a page i always miss something out!

But also I need some one to discuss story ideas with! I love my characters and have a good idea for the plot, but i wouldn't mind teaming up with a creative mind. Plus I need help thinking of a clever ending.
Since the whole plot of the story is a Ghost bond to earth until he forfills his purpose in life. I don't want the purpose to be cheesy!

Ok if any one is interested in One Job or both please PM me

thank you x
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I Am The 1337 Master at 2:31PM, Nov. 27, 2009
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The art is good. The plot, as you've said needs work. It may just be that it is only starting but still.

Some grammar errors can be found in both the comic and your comics. Type too fast?!
Another thing is that the story is carrying itself really quickly. You may want to slow it down to add more drama.

I'm interested in the job but as always time could be a flaw in my plan. I'll still sign up for both even but don't expect me to ALWAYS be on because I have school and three more comics I'm working on at the same time. If a better offer comes up I suggest that you take it.
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