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Pug Brew Comics
JekHazit at 5:40PM, July 18, 2009
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Well, I decided to remake the topic for several reasons. One, to gather attention to the topic. Two, to say that my ideas are now completely different on the whole team thing. Three, no more writers. Four, Its now got a name and a comic coming up.
First to tell you about Pug Brew Comics. I Came up with the name while looking at a Pug Webkins my little sister had forced my mother to buy (along with several other Webkins crap). I was also thirsty. I think it sounds awesome for a comic strip team name.
The first comic is a comedy-action comic. Here's the story:
Fred and Pete, two good friends, are walking in a suburban area. Fred likes to smoke weed almost all the time, while Pete has never smoked weed before. Fred convinces Pete to get hooked up with some purple kush. Fred decides to go to his dealer to get hooked up.
As the walk through the hallway to the dealers apartment, a door slams open. Out comes a muscled man dragging a dead body. The two guys are seen and the muscled man attacks them with a bloody knife. They avoid injury, and run into the dealers door. The door slams closed and is immediately locked. Right away the dealer named Greg and Pete and Fred run down the escape ladders down to the alley.

Thats how the comic starts out.

Here is what people can do to help.

Art - Not advanced Anime. Just basic cartoon like characters.
Show me atleast 3 peices of art that you have made. Must be digitally created or edited digitally from a drawing.

more positions may be available. Probably not. Again, I do not need writers. One is enough…

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