QWTD: albone interviews simonitro!
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The following interview was conducted by our own albone!

Username: simonitro
Comic(s): Billy Learns To Rock, Electronic Revolutions The Burnhams

Hi Simon! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Simon Nader and I'm 24 years old. I'm Lebanese but born in Kuwait; however, I don't have the Kuwaiti citizenship for several country rules. Most of my life were in both countries until I was able to travel to Canada and obtain the Canadian citizenship.

How long have you been working in webcomics?

Somewhat about 3 and a half years, and loving it. However, I always had comic ideas. Webcomics has given me the opportunity to show off my potentials.

Any formal education in writing or art?

I've graduated as a Graphic Designer at an American University in Lebanon for four years. After all set and done, it wasn't the thing that I'm looking for. Graphic Design did help me in couple of things in my art background. However, I'm always interested in 2D animation the most. That's the reason I'm moving to Canada soon to pursue as my next phase in my education. Some people ask me “why not 3D?” I would say 3D isn't my stuff unless it's for video games.

As writing, I think it's the better strength in me. I never took writing stories lessons but I always loved comics and graphic novels and I like the flow of the story. However, I learnt a lot when I was writing musical lyrics and helped me a lot when it comes to literature.

What are your artistic influences?

Mostly, it's the Anime/Manga style. It's one of the most influential artistic style that there is. Anime/Manga style could vary a lot, and after some time, I realized that every Anime/Manga artist has their own style and they just adapt to it. For example: the maker of Ranma and InuYasha looks different than the maker of One Piece. I'm trying to mix between the Anime/Manga and my style.

Another style I like which I want to get better with are those beautiful fantasy style art. They seem to be difficult to do whether the characters, backgrounds, and such. Recently, I enjoy the works of Boris Vallejo. He has a beautiful artistic style that shows in his work a story by just simply looking at his drawings. I, also, enjoy post-apocalyptic sceneries… those always give me goosebumps and curiosity.

Another influence when it comes to The Burnhams, I love “Beat ‘em Up” video game genre. I would love to create a comic series that has that kind of resemblance, so that’s how The Burnhams came about.

What is your process for creating a web comic page?

I start everything, manually. I would start with the pencil and ink and then, color and add effects on Photoshop. It sounds simple but some pages could take me like 12 or more hours, especially, nowadays. Since, I'm adding a lot of details in the perspective shots and using references on how things should look like. Anyway, it's still a fun process and that's why I kept on doing it.

Electronic Revolutions The Burnhams is a lot of fun and seems as there's always a lot going on. Which do you like more, drawing the comic or writing it?

Slightly, I like to write it more. To be honest, I had the idea of The Burnhams about 10 years ago and it's the most experimented on series. It's going to be the longest lasting comic that I have thought of. The series will contain lots of drama, twists and turns, and humor. I think it's better to keep it balanced.

In a matter of fact, the idea of The Burnhams came before Billy Learns To Rock. I started with BLTR because it's easier for readers to recognize my art and writing style and it helped get noticed. The Burnhams is more complicated than the two.

Back to the question, when it comes to drawing, I still do enjoy drawing the characters and backgrounds and it makes me feel with the characters and the way they should look in my head and their emotions they display and when it comes to writing, it's the situation I'm going to put them in. Most of the time, it's serious but there will always be humorous moments because of the nature of the characters. Each one of the characters has their non-serious moments. The story of The Burnhams could become very slow paced until something happens which would change the entire perspective of the story and could change the lives each of the Burnhams.

Who's your favorite Burnham?

Ann Burnhams… she's the first Burnhams that I created and she's the main protagonist of the series.

In the theatrical movie about Electronic Revolutions The Burnhams, who would you cast in the main roles?

Good question, I had that in mind couple of times but I'm not 100% sure of everyone.

Scott - Paul Walker (with a long hair and attitude)
Fetch - Elden Henson (with a black moustache and black hair, he would be fine… it's Hollywood, they create miracles.)
Sonya - Eliza Dushku (100% sure)
Ann - Abigail Breslin

Man, that's got some great looking people in it. Sure to be a #1 movie at the box office! What's the strangest comment that someone has left for you?

Well, I did have several comments with sexual references. They either were funny or plainly weird. As long as the readers are enjoying the comics that I'm creating, that's just fine with me.

Do you have a preference in reading print comics or webcomics?

Uh… tough question. I have to say webcomics within a small margin. The reasons I like webcomics are because webcomic creators have no restrictions, what-so-ever, and I like that. I mean, webcomic creators could write and draw controversial subject matters without having anyone to stop them. When it comes to art, there will always be someone enjoying a simplistic and understood art and going along with the story. When it comes to me, there's something about simple art that clicks on me, but I also enjoy those hyper detailed art. Webcomics could resemble the artist. However, there're always great talents here and there and it isn't restricted. Besides, I always enjoy the underground scenes of the media more than the mainstream.

Ever since, I got introduced to webcomics. I started reading them more than actual printed comics because Lebanon and Kuwait were never been the best options when it comes to comics. They tend to bring in the most generic comics. Lebanon is slightly better because there are some French comics are always on bookstore shelves but to my misfortune, I don't know how to read or speak French. >_< Everytime I'm in Canada, I do my best purchasing comics, graphic novels and mangas as I can because I wouldn't have those for a while. However, internet could assist me but still it feels like an online comic more than it is printed even though the contents are scanned.

What are some of your favorite print comics?

Mostly, I collect Manga and my favorites are:

- Death Note
- Hyper Police
- Les Bijoux

For non-Manga:

- Sin City
- Anything that is Batman
- Asterix (I grew up reading it.)

I hear great things about Death Note, I'll have to check that out. What are some of your favorite webcomics on the Duck?

You could check out “My Recommendations” in my account to check them out but to be specifically, I like The Planet Closest To Heaven, Pinky TA, Rival Angels (Surprise, surprise), Manifestation, ELO, Salt The Holly, MAG_ISA, 20 Galaxies, and anything by iowabarbidoll.

(Yay Rival Angels! lol) Who is your favorite comic book character overall?

The Joker from Batman series. I think he's the most terrifying villain in the history of comics. The Joker, himself, is somewhat inspired me to write about villains. What I also believe? There won't be any heroes without the villains. The world needs villains.

What do you like to do when you're not working on webcomics?

Working, hanging out with friends, watching either Anime, sports (especially soccer and wrestling), playing video games, listening to music, and other stuff… In a better sense, enjoy life to the fullest.

It's good to have so many interests to fill your time. There will always be something to keep me busy.

Ain't that the truth. What's your favorite movie?

Dark City… it used to be The Fifth Element. Since I enjoy Noir movies, Dark City comes out as sci-fi and noir, so, it has both packages in one. I favor this movie over The Matrix Trilogy which they kind of were released to the cinema in the same year.

Finally, what's the one thing that you want people to know about you and your projects?

Since, I'm alive and well, I'm going to always work on webcomics because it has become a passion and I love to tell stories.

Every project that I'm thinking of will be different than the other one especially in the writing. For example: The Burnhams is ten times different than Billy Learns To Rock. I'm trying not to repeat myself in the subject matter. The only common thing that would be in every project is the fighting aspect. Every comic I will create would have fighting scenes because it's something in me that I enjoy fighting scenes and that's the reason I love watching wrestling, mixed martial arts, or any combat sports. The upcoming project that I'm going to work on is by the title: “Gunslinger Witch”. It's going to be my first attempt on making a horror/action comic. This comic will be darker than both BLTR and Electronic Revolutions: The Burnhams and I'm going to launch it sometime by the end of this year.

I'm going to announce this in this interview. When I complete Billy Learns To Rock, there will be a sequel to the series but with a different title. So, I hope you enjoy my work.

Thanks for the interview, albone. It sure was great.

Another thing, Happy Fourth of July to you and everyone. :D
By the time you finish this, you'll have read it. :3

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That's awesome, guys! You must have done this via IM, right?

Excellent choice of Eliza Dushku for Sonya. I think she'd do a great job PLUS she's pretty much tied for the hottest woman alive (in my opinion) with that girl in the “Whiskey Girl” video. (Curious?) *nod nod*

Thanks for the Salt nod - that's always nice ^.^
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Hey, it's up! Whahoo, Simon was a fantastic interviewee if I do say so myself. Actually Amanda, we did this through the power of PQ's, with a splash of improv thrown in. Cuz that's how I roll! lol

I weathered the Toby Keith video to see the hottie, and it was worth it. :P Yay for Eliza!!
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Awesome stuff :)
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Yay for Simon!
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huh? i'm still drooling over eliza dushku
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