QWtD: harkovast interviews kohdok!
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The following interview was conducted by our own harkovast in the Community Interview project!

Username: kohdok

Comic(s): For Your Eyes Only

First, lets find out some things about the author, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I'm currently in college taking a fine-arts major. I'm a democratic American who lives in the state of Texas (2nd in size, 2nd in population, 48th in education).

Who would say is the target audience for your comic?

I target a small variety of niche audiences. My comic is a parody of several anime stereotypes, as well as a yuri-comic parody. It also has the “high-school sitcom” appeal. Mostly, though, it's a comedy.

Why did you choose to draw your comic in a manga/anime style?

Because it's the style I'm most familiar with. I learned to draw Manga-style in my severe wapanese days (No more!). I call it a “manga-styled comic”.

Following on from that- what are some of your favourite Animes or mangas?

Well, I consider my favorite genre to be the “good” genre. It could be action-gore or extreme-girlyness as long as it's good. I've watched stuff from Sailor Moon to Elfin Lied.

It's a sure thing what my favorite mangas are, though:

1)Toshihiro Ono's “The Electric Tale of Pikachu”. It's a spin-off, parodical re-writing of the pokemon anime made cooler and more hardcore (Man, this guy draws one hell of a scary Gyarados). It was the first “manga” I ever read and became the reason I wanted to draw comics, specifically parodies.

2) Kozue Amano's “Aria” Unlike most popular manga, this one is quite light-hearted and honest and gives you a genuine warm, fuzzy feeling without all the downers. The art is gorgeous as are the backgrounds which take place in Venice (And the art better damn-well be gorgeous for Venice).

How did you first get the idea for your comic? Where were you when the idea came to you?

I actually got the idea from the concept of the Faleen from Star Wars; people who have the power to make women fall in love with them. I'm experimenting with forcing that power on a straight girl and seeing what happens. It was originally going to be an adult comic, but when others saw the early pages and liked them, I made it general audience. The start-to-finish plot came soon afterwards kinda in a flood.

Have you planned your comic a lot of pages in advance or do you make each chapter as you come to it?

I don't plan the “Pages”, per-say, but the whole story is pretty-much finished and I'm mostly spinning the pages around it.

You update a lot each week, is it hard to keep to that schedule?

It can be sometimes, we all have our off days, but since I have the plot pretty much finished and I take a lot of breaks, I don't have to leave much to page design and it really only takes me about two-hours to do a page (Though they might look a little sloppy as a result). Also, if I ever wanna go pro, this is a bare minimum.

Which of your characters is your favourite and why?

That's like asking me which of my children is my favorite, you brute!! I love them all for their own reasons and the story can't really function without all of them: April causes a problem, Ben points out the obvious, Sanny goes to help, and Nosh tells the blunt truth of it all.

As for sub-characters, I admit I have a soft spot for Chessie, my blonde girl/black girl hybrid (Ditzy and boy-crazy but also blunt and forceful) because she has such a strong personality.

Your story features some Ancient Egyptian themes, why did you decide to include these? Is this a part of history that interests you?

Well, I do love history, and Egypt is a place that's full of history. Also, for the purpose of parody, Egypt is “the place” to dig up old relics. (not to mention a certain anime that uses an Egyptian necklace *ahem*) Some might say Greece or Rome are also places to find relics, but we'll see about that…

What is the best thing about working on a webcomic?

Having people acknowledge your work. Sure you're supposed to do the work for yourself, but it's nice to know that other people like the stuff you make, too. I love my fans!

Have you recieved any crirticism of your comic? Has anyone said anything interesting/ bizzare about it?

I've had my art style called “generic” before. I dunno why, I guess it is pretty simple, but I also notice that I have yet to have someone pin my art style to a more famous artist as a “rip-off” (Like I could count more artists who copy Ken Akamatsu than I have fingers on one hand), so I guess “Generic” is the best they can do to defame it.

How long does it take to make a page? Can you explain the process that is involved in creating each page?

It really only takes 2~3 hours if I rush it (You can tell which pages I rushed and which I didn't). I've always been pretty fast, though I'm far from a professional.

I draw the page with good-ol' pencil and paper, doodling the panel lines and scripts as I go. I then scan it into the computer and trace the lines with my tablet. I use a rapid-color method then add the words and speech bubbles using other speed methods.

Your comic is coloured using a computer, what made you decide to use this medium? Did it take long to master?

Laziness, thy name is “Paint-bucket”. It took no time to master at all and my flat colors really only take about five minutes.

How do you feel your comic has improved since you first began?

Well, my art has certainly improved, if not my comedy. I can't really think of much else except that this comic was intended as a way for me to improve in the first place.

What would be your advice to anyone else planning to start a webcomic?

“It's not who the characters are that make a story, but what they are doing and why and through that reveal who they are that make a story”.

A magic tattoo is a central theme in your comic, do you have a tattoo? What is your opinion of them?

I don't personally have a tattoo, though I know some people who do. My opinions of them vary depending on the situation, though I do mention a “tramp-stamp” by name (You can guess my opinion of those…) The tattoo is a device meant to give the necklace-powers an irremovable permanency.

If you had to sum up the appeal of your comic, what it is that sets it apart from the crowd and why people should come and read it, what would you say?

Well, if the sight of kissing girls isn't enough, I suppose I could say it's the honesty my comic has that requires little deep thought and is there to be enjoyed as you see fit as well as my lack of fear to “go there”.

Is For Your Eyes Only your favourite bond film?

Actually, it's “Man with the Golden Gun”. I got the idea for the name from “Hunt For Red October”, actually. I guess Sean Connery is really that cool.

(optional bonus question) Lesbian attraction occurs in your comic as a result of magic. Did you mean this to be a comment on real lesbians or homosexuals? What are your views on gay rights/gay marriage?

I'm more than happy to answer this question!

Again, my comic is a parody, so it's not meant to be taken terribly seriously. I notice a lot more Yuri and lesbian comics appeared on DD after my comic showed up, but I don't know if it's coincidence or not. Mine lacks the whole “What is acceptable” concept and doesn't really pass judgement on it one way or the other (As evidenced by Anna freaking out but Chessie being encouraging when Gene states her feelings) April is straight, however, which is why she is personally opposed to women making passes at her.

I'm of the belief that we shouldn't tell people what they should believe in or do (Unless it involves harm, death, or theft, of course) I'm not gay, but I don't really care whether someone is gay or not. You could use the Republican logic and say I'm “Pro-gay” since I'm not “Anti-gay”, but I honestly couldn't care less. (I'm more anti-anti-gay, just leave 'em alone!)

Would you say your comic has a moral? Is there something you would really like readers to take away from it? Do any of your world views or political ideas appear in the comic?

“Be careful when digging in your attic” :P. I'd say the only really big thing one can get out of this is that I use a variety of characters from various backgrounds (My jab at a lot of comics or shows having pretty much everyone be the same race/ethnicity/economic status) The big view I have here is that you should embrace a world that's full of diversity.

Not counting your own, which are your three favourite web comics?

Hmm…that's a bit tougher. My favorites fluctuate a lot, but for comics that I feel the need to visit every once in a while and were important to me as an artist:

Drowtales: Though this comic and my comic compare like night and day the forums here supported my fledgeling comicking-career and got me onto Drunk Duck.

Our Home Planet- a silly sci-fi yarn: I ignore the fact that it's a bit of a furry comic due to the fact that it's a funny comic that follows a loose style similar to mine and has a premise for lesbian love that's equally ludicrous. When the writer posted the fanart I did for his comic was the first time my pageviews exceeded 1,000 in a single day.

Those are some of my biggest influences, but I visit some other webcomics because I've personally met the artists on them. They include Something Positive, VGcats, Girly, Flipside, and our very own Charby the Vampirate.

Can you give us a sneaky hint of what is to come in your comic? A little bonus info for the fans?

As many can guess, even more of the truth behind the necklace will come to light, as will the identities of the “hunters” in a chapter titled “The truth”. The readers will get to see what happens for themselves!
By the time you finish this, you'll have read it. :3

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Hey, the first one is up! That was really fast! :D

Look at all those questions- very thoughtful interview Harkovast, and interesting answers from kohdok!
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Very nice job to the both of you. I lok forward to seeing the rest of these as they are posted.
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I think we've set a pretty good standard for our interviews with this one. I know that because the questions were put so well, the interview I'm giving will take longer to write… (And don't worry, Harkovast, it's not you)
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I like hearing things from the people “behind the comic”. Good interview, look forward to reading more.
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The bar has been set
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Dude you're good at this Harkovast! I wish you were around to interview me when I was in this program. Not that my guy did bad or anything but dang!
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I've turned in my interview from Farah, and am waiting to hear back on the questions I sent to interview Rori…so, yes, the bar has been set. I can't wait to see the other interviews come in.
Farah hit me with a lot of excellent questions, too…in fact she played 20 questions!
I'm exhausted. :P

This is another great way for all of us to get to know each other!
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Like waiting for Christmas, isn't it, Harkovast? XD
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Somehow I get the feeling that if harokovast feels his interview isn't up to snuff he will just start interviewing himself. ;)
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you're kinda dominating an interview thread that's supposed to be about kohdok :] but yes, entertaining
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