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The following interview was conducted by our own simonitro!

Name: ttyler
Comic(s): Engine, Hades

Tell us a short summary about your comic, Engine.

Engine tells the tale of a small hidden world, Abidon, and its 2 Dragon Deity's, the Dragon of good, and Dragon of evil. A dark race with immense power, come to Abidon in search of the Engines, 4 mystical devices that have a link to the dragons in some way. Whomever finds the Engines, find the Dragons.
Enter a group of lost heroes….Korsair, the Lands wandering Paladin. A legendary hero type. 3 years ago, Korsair was defeated by an unknown assailant. His sword hand, cut off at the wrist. His legend, no more.

Ryudo, a young martial arts student. Ryudo is quick to act without thinking, which often gets him in trouble.

Master Neko. An aging Monk, who took Ryudo in as a child, to train him up. Neko knows something is after the Dragons, and knows something about the Engine Legend.

Ito. A zakrat wizard type of comical character. He has links to the spirit realm, where answers to the Engines and Dragons can be found.

Mr 8. The most powerful Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy. His legend is known to all. Who he is and what he is after isn't know until Engine vol#2.

There are many other supporting characters. Some have yet to be shown, but all have a purpose. Basically these characters must band together, to defend Abidon against the Chimes of Doom, all the while, re-discovering the lost or sleeping hero within themselves. I guess it is ultimately a coming of age tale at its core. Characters up against a do or die situation, that is obviously way above their abilities. I kind of enjoy those type of stories. Underdog stuff.

When and how was Engine created and what inspired you?

Engine came about because of a few different factors. First, one of my favorite comics, Battlechasers, was no longer being published and I just plain missed it. Second, I had just been introduced to Dragonball Z, and was really starting to get stoked over the action scenes in that particular Anime. Third, I had just played Skys of Arcadia, and Grandia 2 on my Dreamcast, and was really bowled over by the experience of both of them. Add to this, my interest in Fantasy, and Science Fiction, and my love of Jack Kirby and Anime…..and that was about it. I was working as a night stock guy at K-mart, and remember working on a few panels a night, during lunch and sometimes, not during lunch. Since our group was basically LOCKED in the store until morning, we had the run of the place. I'd go up to layaway, find a nice summer table and chairs, and would work on it here and there. (Not proper work ethics, I know, but I desperately didn't want to be there at the time.)

A few years ago, Engine looked a lot different. I originally drew it as an Anime, with Kirby influences. I showed it to Erik Larsen of Image, and he told me it looked ok, but needed to be re-drawn if He would consider it. He didn't care for the Anime influence in it. So, I basically re-drew or re-worked every page, as best as I could, to get it back to an American style….although, looking at it, it still has lots of “Anime” in it. After I went through all the trouble, he still didn't like it, so in the end, I was an idiot and should have just went with the initial idea. I have slowly been going back to the Anime influence on it, with every new page I do, because, Anime is just fun to draw. It basically gives you the ability to throw out the rule book, and just create cool, whether it would work in the real world, or not.

How do you feel about the readers' reception here on Drunkduck thus far?

I was shocked how many people liked it. It's always a good feeling to hear fellow creators talk about something in such a positive way. As comic creators, I think we need to hear positive words of encouragement as often as possible. That's why I stay away from convention portfolio reviewers. I don't need to hear negativity at this stage of my life, so I choose not to expose myself to it.

What difficulties do you face when creating a specific page of Engine?

I try to set personal goals with each new page…..continually trying to outdo myself. Sometimes, I have to sacrifice art, for story, but for the most part, I try to draw scenes that interest me. This keeps me fired up and itching to get to the next sequence. If I was forced to name a difficult aspect of pages in general, it would have to be interior shots, or exaggerated angles. Also, my mind is strange, in that I cannot see a scene before I draw it. My mind seems to bring up a basic feeling or concept, but it won't allow me to see a clear picture of it in my head, before I start drawing it. I'm not sure why this is, but I've always seemed to have trouble with it.

What categories or genres do you classify your comic and why?

Science fiction and Fantasy with a mix of Asian action cinema, Humor and adventure. Basically everything but the Kitchen sink. I just enjoy so many genres….it's difficult for me to choose just one.

How many chapters are there going to be for the entire Engine saga?

Engine is planned for 4 volumes of over 100 pages each. The collected Graphic Novel just came out last week. Once the 4th volume is complete in a few years, I want to collect all 4 volumes, into a nice, illustrated slipcase, and add a 5th volume of production art and sketchbook stuff. Hopefully, the Lord willing, I will get that far with it.

How was the comic's title Engine came about?

It just sounded cool to me.

Looking through your comic, your art is amazing… what are artistic methods are used to make things look great especially the linearts and the details around in the background?

I think of the background and environment as an actual character. I always liked George Perez's art, cause you could just stare at the panels, and see so many things going on. His cities were crazy detailed. I always liked that look, and I am the type who will sit in a chair for 4 hours and ink bark on a tree…….yes….I am pathetic. Please give to the Pathetic white boy college fund. An ass is a terrible thing to waste. lol!

Are you working alone or with a team?

Alone. When I am not happy with a page, I will sometimes blame it on an imaginary inker named “Contra” but yeah, I work alone. I've tried to find inkers to help me, but have never found one I was happy with. They either soften my lines too much, or get sloppy on my backgrounds. I am a very loose penciller anyway……so all of my detail is created in the inking stage. I think that It might be for that very reason, why I cannot find inkers. Nobody can figure the loose pencils out.

How do you feel about the American style of comics whether it's printed or online, nowadays?

I enjoy online comics, but truthfully, nothing has the same feel, as an actual printed book in your hands. I can't believe that online comics can ever achieve that feeling. But I do enjoy the online comics that are always there on time. It's fun to have something to look forward to.

Do you recommend to you readers on any specific comics you like online or/and printed to check out? and why?

I have too many I enjoy, but my tastes are many when it comes to comics. I am a visual person, so for the most part, I personally am attracted to visual things. This doesn't mean lots of detail, or even proper anatomy and perspective… means things I am personally attracted to. It can be an inking style, or a mood, or a unique panel layout. Then, there's the ones that have great characters, good dialogue and heart. I like those too.

I love the 80's and First Comics. That was a great comic company. I used to stay home from school, on the days I knew Jon sable or Grimjack were going on sale. (I don't recommend doing this) has new Grimjack and Jon Sable web comics. I think they are now finished, but they are still there to read, and more are promised for the future.

What other comic projects are you holding for the future? And Good Luck on everything!

I want to re-draw Hades as a Graphic Novel. I want to also re-do my Frankenstein story that is currently up. If Engine does well, and makes it to its fourth volume, then I have another 2 volume story arc I'd like to tell. Engine is full of so many characters, that I could literally keep telling stories for years to come. People ask me why I am introducing so many characters in Engine. They ask me if I am afraid I am overcrowding an already crowded world…….my answer is no. I see it like everyday life. We meet new people everyday. There isn't a day that goes by, where we don't meet, or at least see, someone we have never met before. They might be strangers, but they have unique stories all their own. Life is one big story. We are all just trying to find the happily ever after part.
By the time you finish this, you'll have read it. :3

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I see it like everyday life. We meet new people everyday. There isn't a day that goes by, where we don't meet, or at least see, someone we have never met before. They might be strangers, but they have unique stories all their own.
That's simply awesome.
I was really looking forward to your interview - yay!
When and how was Engine created and what inspired you?
I'd like to hear your answers on Hades too! ^.^ And ol' Frank. lol!
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Great interview there Tim, awesome answers and questions.
A Ronin writer, a masterless samurai of the written word…
Updating: Thursdays. Now in glorious Ink Wash and Water Soluble Pencil! Reva's note: This is not created digitally, it's all hand drawn and inked.
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ttyler at 10:35AM, July 4, 2008
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Thank you Dr. Shadow and Amanda. Hades came about in the mid 90's, when my friends and I were trying to launch a new, independent, “undergroundish” publishing company. The company was called, DOOM Theatre. We set out to go beyond the ordinary, and do things that might not have been seen before. Our first title, was a Horror anthology called Cadaver. Very hard book. It eventually became banned in 3 countries. we also tried to do a funny animal, over the top book called Piggs and stubb. (I tried putting it on Drunk Duck, but took it down a week later.) I am BIG Timothy Truman fan, having known him since the earliest days of First Comics. His Grimjack series helped define my art and storytelling, like no other book. I wanted to do something like that. Hades just came to me one night. I've always dug monster movies, and Sergio Leone Westerns. At the time, I was reading H.P. Lovecraft shorts… I guess it just created itself from the surrounding information I was into at the time.
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I remember Battlechasers! It actually was pretty cool, if a little campy. My favorite character was Calibretto. I never would've guessed that's what inspired Engine though…
And drawing comics instead of working? I knew I liked you for a reason!
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ttyler at 1:28PM, July 10, 2008
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I can't say it's working too well at the moment. I'm looking for stable, normal work, but no luck in my repressed area I live in………….ugh.
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Yeah, Battlechasers was a great comic…at least, the first 4 issues or so. I feel the writing lost its direction, with the last 4 issues or so. (as well as the art……it was like his heart wasn't in it any more.) So yeah, Engine is a way for me to fill that gap I guess. It is also a vehicle to do all the things I love…….in the 4th volume, I even have a giant Kiaju (Monster) battle planned. I always wanted to draw one, so dag-nabbit, Im gonna do one!!!
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