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Batsu at 1:23AM, Aug. 9, 2007
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Well people, I don't know what's on the market, but I'm searching artists to work with me on one or more of my many projects of webcomics I have. Here are a few that I would like to start first :

- Kingdom 7 : Take all the universes which have been and will be imagined by people, a mean to travel between plans, and two guys mysteriously send in a quest à la Sliders, shake it all, and you got this.
- : In a world where superhumans populate most of the planet, Shadow (not the hedgehog of the Sonic universe) and Twist try to bring back a friends from the dream world in a ultimate attempt, but all goes wrong.

All of my project will have the same settings, a same multiverse, with a lot of sci-fi and fantasy influences, but not only that.

Faithfully yours.
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