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Aussie_kid at 11:10PM, Jan. 2, 2007
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So what's your order of favourites when it comes to the seasons?

For me, it's Autumn. Cold enough to rug up and make myself toasty warm, but not cold enough to fuck up my lungs so I have what's close to a heart attack

Then Summer. You can just laze about without even having to come up with an excuse (It's too friggin' hot)

Then Winter (I love any excuse to stay in bed)

Lastly, Spring. It's a beautiful but my allergies really act up.

So, what about you guys? Do you prefer the cold or the hot? The cooling down or the warming up?
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Tantz_Aerine at 2:33AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I'm easygoing. I like them all :)
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Aurora Moon at 5:21AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I love summer the best! I love heat.. and I don't mind if it goes up to 90 degrees as long as it doesn't go beyond 94 degrees. I'm actually the most comfortable at summer time.

also early fall, since it's still hot then but cools down in the evening where it's still comfortable.

I don't like late fall though, when it starts getting nippy.

I HATE Winter!! way too fucking cold, and my whole body feels like it just shuts down then.

spring, I don't mind too much neither but like Aussie kid said, Allergies.
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Crazy Dutchman at 10:11AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I've got a love/hate relationship with both summer and winter. I LOVE the summer principle, hot days, people get happy, T-shirts, girls with short skirts, cool drinks and the constant urge to listen to surf music. Tough summer is mostly the time where I fall into a tiny depression. Mostly ‘cause I haven’t the slightest idea what to do. Friends go on vacation, or at least stop making much contact through msn. They don't live nearby so keeping in contact isn't that easy. Being inside is boring and hot, want to go outside. When I'm outside it's even more boring AND it's hotter, want to go inside again. How ever when I DO hang out with friends and do cool stuff I feel real real REAL happy.

Winter is a great time for being inside, you can't blame yourself for it ‘cause its too cold. Still if you do that every day you get boring and if you do go to visit someone you have to go through that icey cold and you’re beginning to realy hate it. Especially going to school is a real terror in the winter.

The other two seasons are seasons when I just want it to be either hot or cold, not a weird combination of both. Everything seems a whole lot more dull. You want the free t-shirt-surf-feeling or the cosey-magical-winter-feeling and you're just looking forward to the next season to come.
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kingofsnake at 11:26AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I'm with you with autumn being the best. It's warm enough to dress comfortably, but cool enough that all the bugs are gone. Most of my favorite clothes come into fashion. It's not too hot or too cold, and even then I can just throw on a sweater. The leaves are beautiful (i'm in new england) It's usually windy. You have all the best seasonal foods, apple cider, pumpkin pie, hot cocoa everything just seems better in autumn
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medablack at 11:40AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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Summer is my all time favourite. I'm one of those people who is constantly cold no matter what the weather. For instance, it was like 105 the summer before last and i was wearing a sweater and jeans outside. I just like the heat. The hotter the better.

Next is spring. It's just a pleasant time. And the air alwasy smells really nice. Sure it tends to be a bit ont he rainy, muddy side, but on those sunny days, boy is it nice.

Next is early fall. It's also a nice pleasent temperature. But late fall get's to crisp and bitter up here in Canada. Though lately, with global warming and all, late fall doesn't come till about January.

And last, and definitely least, is Winter. I hate it with a passion. Freezing temperatures, bitter air, snow everywhere. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Though, I have to admit, it is nice to be curled up inside with a tea, a book, and a cozy blanket while the wind and snow are howling outside. Awww..
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Whirlwynd at 3:34PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I can't say I like any season better than the others. I just like having four seasons, I like change.

Though for winter, I like cold weather. And it gets rid of the bugs outside, but there's always bugs inside our house anyway. The season just determines what kind there will be. T_T A big fuzzy spider dropped on me a few hours ago -

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Terminal at 3:43PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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The weather never changes in California.
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Mega Josh at 4:06PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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The weather never changes in California.
True dat.
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Black_Kitty at 7:55PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I tend to like the “middle” seasons more. I love the crispness of the air during Autumn and the way the leaves turn into beautiful shades of bright colours. It's also the season my birthday falls under. :D

Spring is lovely because it's when all the flowers bloom. There used to be this tree in my backyard that would bloom very pretty pink flowers. Unfortunately, it died. But the tree in my neighbour's front yard have a lot of very pretty flowers as well. Birds also come to nest and it's the season of warm rain.

Summer is enjoyable because I get time off. But there's a lot of bugs and God I hate those. :( It can also get really hot.

Winter is nice when I'm indoors. Unfortunately, unless every winter is like the one I'm having this year, I have to deal with the snow and ice. Driving conditions are bad and the snow is a pain to shovel. But I do like watching the snow fall and it's nice to be in a warm house while watching snow falling outside.
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ozoneocean at 8:52PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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Seasons? SEASONS? Ha! What are seasons?
In the city of Perth, Western Australia, people cling to the old European idea of seasons… But we really only have two that sort of blend into each other, and not in a smooth way either! The hottest time of year is the beginning of our “Autumn”, and the coolest time is the start of our “Spring”. That's the only sure fire landmark I've noticed. Apart from that you can have hot or cool weather at any time, -to an extent.

The so called “in-between” times between the extremes that people elsewhere characterise as being some kind of “mild mix” are manifested here by extremes during the course of the day: fiery hot days, freezing nights and mornings. Maybe some flooding rain which dries off in the hot sun shortly after.

As the time of year approaches the more extreme temp ranges (hot or cool), then the day's weather settles down so that you don't get that violent mix of daily patterns so much. So I would say I prefer the coolest and warmest parts of the year because you know what you're going to get during any given day! And the coolest season for preference because I love wearing lots of warm clothes! (it doesn't always get cool enough to justify them though :()

-As for your LA weather; a quick glance as Google weather tells me you've got our “cool season” pattern there pretty exactly and it's actually what I'd consider really cold there at the moment, especially at night! lol!
Thankfully we're actually going through an unusual cool spell here ourselves today. I SO hope it lasts.
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Mystic Hand at 9:29PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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Rabbit season!
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Generic Human at 9:47PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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Ah, I really like autumn. It's to die for beautiful, the weathers getting cool enough that, like others said, the bugs are leaving. Birds also seem to be very active in fall. I like that. I like see them all flying. Halloween is also in fall, another plus. I think next year I'll dress up as the broodwich. The smells are great too, everything is crisp and sharp with the new chill in the air. Lovely.

Winter next. Hockey and snowboarding, oh yeah! Also…about this time college football season is wrapping up. Which means I'm not forced to watch it any longer. I really like sliding my car on ice too. (in a safe spot) …none of that so far this year.

Spring is good for the rain. I love rain and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are the best. And the flowers and greeness are a sight for sore eyes after all the dirty snow and mud that accumulates. My backyard gets really pretty about this time too…lets see if I have a picture from last spring…yup!

Summer is hot and lame.
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subcultured at 11:28PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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i like the transition from hot to cold weather. I prefer cold weather to hot anytime.
the temperature change in tx is late than most american cities…it doesn't get cold until dec.
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theleast at 11:56PM, Jan. 5, 2007
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Winter is by far my favourite: The world is nice and cold and people are generally quieter and calmer. I love the way that a misty morning can transform a familair landscape into something new and beautiful, and I love curling up in bed at night without need a fan or air-conditioner to help me get to sleep.

Autumn comes second, followed by Spring and finally Summer which I utterly loathe. The only redeeming features of Summer are cricket and thunderstorms, everything else I could happily do without (including Christmas (yeah, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere)).
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Wolfer at 10:39AM, Jan. 6, 2007
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I hate winter. It's too cold one time, then it gets hot and all the beautiful snow melts away, then it gets cold awgain but because the ground was wet all the water turns into ice and you slip.

I also hate spring, my allergies act up too much and you have to clean an' stuff.

I also hate summer, my allergies are still acting up and it's WAY too hot, pretty dumb for a country called Iceland.

Autumn is probably the only tolerable season, with it's red leaves and not-cold-but-not-hot weather.
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