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SEG-Con : Scientific evil geniuses wanted!
legacyhero at 5:20PM, Feb. 20, 2009
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If your comic features or has featured an evil genius, then this is for you!

Dr. Evil Claw is hosting the 1st Annual SEG-Con.
A gathering of Drunk Duck's most scientifically, evil geniuses.

Participants must have a genius level IQ of 140 or higher,
A penchant for overly elaborate death traps, a tendency for
schemes that involve world domination , and an affinity for constructing
orbiting death rays. (freeze rays will also be acceptable.)

To have your Evil Genius appear in the convention group photo, submit an image here or PQ it to me.

Image may be in Color or Black and White, but must have a blank white background.

Character should be standing* and facing forward or 3/4 turn.
* For variety a few seated characters would be fine.
Accommodations will be made for wheelchair bound evil geniuses.

I will Photoshop the characters in as I receive them.
The first submissions get the front row.

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fukujinzuke at 11:12AM, Feb. 23, 2009
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Ha! This sounds like an awesome thing to look forward to! I don't have any evil genius characters but will definitely keep track of this! I mean, it's GOT to be awesome if it even accommodates handicap ramps and parking spots!
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