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Somnambulations Artist Round-Up Pt. 2 (Yeehaw?)
Splatoon at 1:04AM, Aug. 19, 2009
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First off, let me apologize for that terrible topic title, which makes it sound like we're capturing artists and feeding them into some sort of grisly mill to fuel our nefarious chaos engines. That is certainly not the case at this time. What we are doing is looking for talented artists who'd like to join the hallowed ranks of creators over at Somnambulations (, a comedy/horror/fantasy/misc. webcomic now wrapping up its second story. Somnambulations is sort of like the old EC comics, in that it's an anthology featuring a rotating cast of artists with stories by me, Splatoon (but please don't let that turn you off). Scripts range from 1 to 8 pages, and artists have full creative input. We're not happy if you're not happy! We're looking to encompass a wide variety of styles, so all entries will be considered. Just send an e-mail with sample or link to, and please feel free to hit me up with any questions. Thanks!
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