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Aussie_kid at 5:32AM, June 16, 2008
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Hey guys. Lately I've been meaning to move away from sprites and have been planning a new comedy. It starts off rather simple (Two friends talking to each other) but then I want to make the depth of the comic grow over time (Rivalries, fights, bizarre angel-like creatures that are addicted to pudding).

Something like Megatokyo, Applegeeks, Shortpacked, Charby the Vampirate, Bad Guy High, etc. where the story comes in after the characters are established (And reality starts to go out the window) and we've both gotten used to writing and drawing them so that we actually know who we're dealing with and what they would do. Also, the comic can grow with the skills or the people making it.

Manga, american or your own style is fine. And if you think that there's going to be a time when you won't be able to get the pages done, then that's okay, we can build up a buffer before we start. I'd prefer someone who can get 2-3 pages out a week, but more would be excellent (As long as it won't overstress you or the quality would be rather low)

Anyway, if you're interested, send me a PQ and I'll give you a little more info about the plot's basic outline (Trying to keep it vague just in case the characters evolve into people who wouldn't fit). Also, you'd be allowed to contribute as much as you wanted. And for those of you who would prefer someone else colour or letter, I can do that.

Well, hope to be hearing word from any of you. Remember, just PQ if you want in.

Until next time
The Aussie Kid
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liz at 10:00AM, June 16, 2008
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PQ sent! =D

Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! =D
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