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magickmaker at 9:41PM, Jan. 20, 2006
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joined: 1-7-2006
Hey, I was wondering if any art type people wanted to team up on a comic? I've been told that I'm pretty funny, but my drawing is sub-par (judge for yourself, link to my comic below), so if you're interested in teaming up with me to make a world crushing evil duo… I mean, fantastic comic, just tell me.
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clinically_Incorrect at 3:27PM, Feb. 13, 2006
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joined: 2-9-2006
actaully I was asking the same thing (ugh wow my forum moved ha!) and I saw yours. Definitly interested.

You got AIM or anything? my name on there is “Putrid N Pink”
Also an email that gets checked by my bf is (since Im bad at checking) just put my user name in the subject bar and something about comix so it doesnt get deleted if your interested!

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MagickLorelai at 9:21PM, Feb. 13, 2006
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joined: 1-20-2006
I'd be glad to help, if you want it. If you want an example of my ability to draw, check out the link in my sig and judge for yourself. If not, I'd still love to collaborate with you(or anyone) on a comic.
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