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the Knights of fighting collab project...thingy.
ancara at 2:04PM, May 3, 2007
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Ok guys, time that I try a collab thingy as well. basically, i got this idea from playing a lot of megaman battle network games((they rock, trust me on this).

Basically, there are 10 characters who are considered the best fighters in all of the universe. Every once in a while, some guy or girl or…whatever, decides to try to fight them. What happens is that he/she/it must first fight the 10th ranked knight and beat them. If they beat them, they move on to the 9th, then the 8th, then the 7th, ect., ect., until they get to the leader of the knights, who is the number 1 ranked knight, obviousley. if he/she/it beats the number 1 ranked knight, they will be aknowledged as a powerful fighter, and they shall get a shiney trophy…thingy, as a gift for his/her/its job well done.

Basically, the spots for the 10 knights of the universe are on a first-come, first-serve basis. The only other things required for the spots is that ya make comics, and that you have a character to enter for the spot.

For the guy/girl/thing that's challenging the knights, You must have a character to enter, and you must also be able to make comics. The first person to ask for it gets the spot.

As for the comic-making itself, basically the format is that the challenger must make a comic for thier intro. then, the person that has a character as the 10th knight must make a comic about what their doing. Then, both the challenger and the 10th knight must make a comic where they end up meeting each other. Then, both the challenger and the knight make 2 comics of them both battling. After that, we have the people vote on whether the challenger wins, or the knight wins. If the knight wins, the knight makes a comic of what happens next, and then that means that the next challenger can enter. If the challenger wins, the challenger makes a comic of what happens next, and then we move onto the 9th knight, who does the same process as the 10th knight. This pretty much keeps up untill either the challenger loses, or the challenger beats the number 1 ranked knight. Once that happens, the number 1 ranked knight makes a comic of his character giving the challenger the trophy. After that, the sign-ups will be open again and more people can join. and remember, even after the sign-ups open again, you can still join up again.

Just a few simple rule thingies:

1.) it can be drawn or sprited, whatever you want, as long as it's a comic. if it's a sprite comic, the challenger must send the knight your sprite sheet, so they can use it to make the comic. This little rule should open this thing up to pretty much all people who make comics.

2.) you have a time limit of 3 days to get your comic done and to get it in here. So remember, no slackin' of, m'kay?

3.) don't use one-hit moves, time-altering abilities, or anything considered godmoddy, ok?

anyways, here's the sheet ya gotta fill out:

picture of character((so people will have a referance to use when drawing you)):
knight symbol((any symbol will do, but it'll be added by the defeated knight to a card that the challenger carries around to show who he/she/it has defeated)):

i'll just be a knight, the 10th one to be exact, just for the hell of it:

name: Ancara

age: 17

gender: male

personality: he like to plan out strategies a lot, and likes to use a variety of plans to be able to beat his opponent. He's a little headstrong, though, and if a plan isn't going as planned, he gets frustrated, and then he becomes unable to think straight, which thus makes him easy to defeat.

attacks: He uses four special elemental gems to change into four elemental forms. In each form, he uses various attacks to defeat his opponents. Since his plans usually involve never using the same move twice, he can easily catch his opponent off gaurd a lot of the time.

picture of character:
in order from left to right: normal mode, inferno mode, oceanic mode, thunderstorm mode, darkness mode.

knight symbol:

ok then, here's the list…thingy of who in what:



i hope that this'll work out, this I really want this to happen. and if ya join, then this might work out after all.

((and if i may have accidentally place this in the wrong place, please move it to the correct place, please?))

wow, that was a lot of typing there, wasn't it?

Best. Ancara pic. ever.
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Hijuda at 4:38PM, May 3, 2007
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I think we already have something like that covered by Fightsplosion.

Also, for no reason:

Ok guys, time that I try a collab thingy as well. basically, i got this idea from playing a lot of megaman battle network games((they rock, trust me on this).

*whistles and walks away*
It's a comic!

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ancara at 8:48AM, May 5, 2007
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there are a few differances between this and fightsplosion:

1.) instead of two different people fighting, and then changing both of them, there'll be one challenger that fights in every fight.

2.) There'll also be an intro thingy to show the 10 knights of fighting, to be able to show who the contestant is fighting against.

3.) There is an actual prize((a trophy)) that can be won from this, which the challenger can put in thier signature if they win.

4.) the people making the comics can either make drawn comics or sprite comics for the battle.

I think that should show enough differences to show that this and fighsplosion are different.

Well anyways, sign-up are open, so if ya wanna join, just say that ya wanna join, and fill out the sign-up sheet…thingy, that is in the first post, ok?

Best. Ancara pic. ever.
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