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IamDave at 1:28PM, Oct. 3, 2007
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Thought this board needed this.

Okay, first question…

Just a normal day in Chicago. la dee da…

WHAM! The Sears Tower topples to the ground as a violet-hided flying serpent pushes it out of the way as it appears out of completely nowhere. As people that aren't frozen already from fear scatter like the insane little mortals they are, the serpent scours the ruins with its single jagged narwhal-horn, and people stick to the poisonous barbs, impaled. As the horn lifts them out of the wreckage, the last thing they see is the creature's single eye…then they're lapped up into the serpent's mouth with its long, forked tongue and digested.

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Coveinant at 8:00PM, Oct. 13, 2007
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Goerge Bush.

(ok, I just went with the funny answer, it has nothing to do with the fact I hate Bush)
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