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Vdude at 6:11AM, June 10, 2007
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Guys, how about a drunkduck version of crisis on infinite earths? Where all of the drunkduck heroes combine forces to stop a more powerful villain. Kid Intense should even be in this crossover along with other drunkduck characters. How does that sound?
Legacyhero and i are doing a Kid Intense/Hero Force crosover which will be a blast. Also, we are teaming up for a Kid Intense movie. Tell me what you think of the crossover and the movie we are teaming up.
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Eirikr at 7:15AM, June 10, 2007
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Um, no. Crisis on infinite Earths was originally created to bind together all of the DC universe's comics to solve continuity issus. Of course, it led to everyone needing to know what the other artists were doing if they wanted to use their character and so on. Good idea, but nothing but trouble can come of it.
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