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MrColinP at 11:27PM, Dec. 2, 2006
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Hey, I just started posting here a few days ago. I've been making my way through a lot of excellent comics… and some other stuff that has just been confusing!

I'm a fan of mostly American guys, like Mike Allred, Paul Pope, Jamie Hernandez, Doug TenNapel, and that sort of stuff. Some of the more serious comic readers will probably recognize this in my work. I like horror, Sci-Fi and humor, but not really drama. I'm especially interested in hand drawn stuff. I think it gives the work a real personal and unique feeling. Although, I don't think my interests are in line with most of the people who post here!

Anyway, I look forward to reading everyone's comics, and I hope you enjoy mine.
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subcultured at 6:12AM, Dec. 3, 2006
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