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Aussie_kid at 9:48PM, Nov. 6, 2007
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Hi there, I am the Aussie Kid and I come before you offering the chance to help me remake my main DD comic from sprite to drawn. Have a read to decide if you are interested or not, but I do have some offers below

The remake shall be known as ‘Fatum Chronicles’. It's a sci-fi/fantasy tale with a helping of comedy and action. It will roughly stick with the same story as GG, but will have some differences for the adaption to drawn form. Should you wish to become the artist, you would have all the freedom you want (Character design, drawing up a new base and battlefields, spreading out the events for as long as you wish, etc.) and of course, you'd be fully credited.

Now, at first, I can't offer much cash, but I will be putting up a paypal button and maybe some ‘Project Wonderful’ ads. You'd get 65% of whatever we get from that. Same goes for any merchandise and if it gets published, then you'll get 75% of whatever profits. Prints = 90%

Don't care about what art style you draw (Both Manga and Western are fine. Don't care if you want to have it B/W or colour, it's up to you) as long as you have a schedule you can keep with an stick to it.

Now, as for the readership. At current time, I have roughly 40 fans, many of whom would love to see it drawn. The comic has received close to 60,000 hits total and I'm pretty sure that there are other potential readers, but they just don't want to touch the comic because of its sprites and over 400 page archive.

Anyway, hope some one will consider my offer.

Until next time
The Aussie Kid
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