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WANTED! Blade of Toshubi sprites
lordofthegames at 12:48PM, April 23, 2007
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hello all. I am planning on making a fan sprite comic about the comic Blade of Toshubi, and if you dont know about that great comic, SHAME ON YOU! :mad:

anyway, i will not be posting about the plot (to avoid spoilers, cause i tend to ramble a lot when i talk about that). Instead, I humbly request sprite forms of the following BoT characters:


Lamiko (she gets redeemed ok?)


Royal Advisor Toh
Major Kohi
a guy in demonic looking pitch-black armor and a jagged, evil looking sword (name not given to avoid spoilers)
generic monsters and other bad guys (Feline soldiers, undead, demons, and the like.

more requests may follow as i prepare the story.

…o and i also need a tutorial on making sprite comics :)
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