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Wanted: Writer/Collaber
RDraconis at 6:56PM, June 14, 2007
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Ok, this might sound weird- but I'd like to do a fantasy comic, and want to know if anyone is willing to work with me on it. I don't really want someone who wants to do all the writing or all the art- I want it to be more like “both of us work on each part”.

I'm pretty open to most things. Ideas for a comic aren't necessary, either.
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Evil Emperor Nick at 7:34AM, June 19, 2007
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I'd be willing to do some co-writting on a project but honestly my art skills are non-existent. If you are interested in someone for creative input however I'd be interested in brainstorming with you and working out a series idea and eventually a script.

I will be in no way offended if you decide a co-writer isn't enough but I thought I would offer.

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ktrcoyote at 10:17PM, June 20, 2007
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I would love to write some stuff, i cant draw but i have some photoshop experience

the comic i currently have up kinda sucks because i had to focus getting out the complete project so i couldnt work on the writing as much as i wanted to, which pisses me off
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Beautiful_Flames at 11:33AM, June 26, 2007
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I could help write, and I'm fair at drawing. I could help with anything really…
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Mad Kefka at 9:07PM, June 29, 2007
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If you need a writer, I could fill that position fairly well. I can go along with any story given to me and I could make a story of my own if you needed.

Unfortunatly, my art skills are minimal at best. I don't have a fancy program like Photoshop, but I do have some shiny pencils/pencil crayons.

Perhaps you could PM me a scene, and you could see if you like my writing style. If not, it's understandable.
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Kal_El at 5:46PM, July 9, 2007
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I'm always up for writing! PM me if you need help.
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BYCWArchAngel at 9:45PM, July 9, 2007
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I am trying to find work somewhere on a comic. is my personal DA account. Check the art if you feel like it and I also like writing. Let me know what you think. You can PQ me if you want to.
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