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Watching a crime scene
deleted-byrequest-03 at 10:41PM, Aug. 20, 2007
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Last friday was very eventful for me.

I was actually in that music store. I just bought guitar strings and a strap. I was heading out with my friends, when I heard a ‘screeee!’ and a ‘boom!’ We looked over, and a pick-up truck smashed into the side of the music store. The hole was huge. I looked back inside of the store, and the man was panicking, and making phone calls. There were music supplies on the ground from the book shelf. The book shelf almost fell over. My cell phone as many new pictures.

Apparently, the man had marajuana in his truck.

This was followed by a fire, which happened right across the street.

It's interesting, seeing things like this happen right before your eyes.

Has anyone been in the middle of a crime scene? If so, do share :D

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Eunice P at 11:44PM, Aug. 20, 2007
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Crime scene… no. Fight scenes, yes. I've seen people fighting, lots of kicking, punching, throwing objects and fierce shouting.

The nearest thing I consider a crime event is I was having lunch just 1 floor below where the crime happened. I came out of the restaurant surprised to see the place outside getting slightly crowded. I didn't go up the second floor to see what really happened. From what I heard, a female shopkeeper on the second floor was stabbed to death by a man.
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warren at 3:52AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Almost. I watched a cop pull over assualt a guy because guy had been going out with cop's wife. Debated calling other cops, but didn't want them all to get in a beatdown on the guy.

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mechanical_lullaby at 4:17AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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I was at the annapolis mall in the food court 15 feet away from where the agent came in to try to break up a fight and two people got shot. They said all shots impacted, but I know where the bullet holes are in the walls.

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AQua_ng at 4:30AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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I saw a guy get arrested while I was waiting for the bus. The officers did that ‘right to remain silent’ routine, while the guy was resisting, claiming that his arm was broken and they were hurting him.

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Phantom Penguin at 5:06AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Several since I've been in the military. But in the civilian world..

I was in downtown Detriot and got caught in the middle of a shootout between undercover cops and drug dealers. It went on for a while, I had to hide under a car.
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 3:24PM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Phantom Penguin
Several since I've been in the military. But in the civilian world..

I was in downtown Detriot and got caught in the middle of a shootout between undercover cops and drug dealers. It went on for a while, I had to hide under a car.
If only that car were a tank, that would be the most awesome thing ever.
i will also like to know you the more
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usedbooks at 6:10PM, Aug. 21, 2007
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No CRIME crimes. But I saw a guy get hit by a car. That was pretty bad. I was also in a major car accident. The police had traffic stopped on a major highway for over twenty minutes, and they landed a helicopter in the middle of the street to take my sister to the hospital.

My neighbors have giant fights a lot, and we've seen the police around off and on. One time a high school kid was with a cop in front of our house at about three AM. They were looking for a stick that had been used by some bullies to beat the kid an hour or so earlier.
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vgman at 8:41PM, Aug. 22, 2007
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Well. I was hiding behind a wall one time to scare my cosine as he walked past, school had just gotten out and we usually walked home together.

Then this guy grabs me from behind and starts squeezing my neck. One of his friends was throwing rocks at my head.

So I bit his arm and they backed off.

Bullies like hurting others not getting hurt.

Dose this count?
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Maxw3ll at 7:23PM, Aug. 24, 2007
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It wasn't really a crime scene, but it was an accident scene my friend was in two days ago. My friend and his skater pals were filming one kid being pulled behind a truck on his skateboard and then he fell under and got crushed. He died in the hospital, and my friend has been taking it pretty hard. They have the whole thing on video.
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Nicotine at 5:46AM, Aug. 25, 2007
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The only thing I can think about was when I was a freshman in high school and the school police were chasing a kid across the cafeteria for marijuana possesion. They finally got him and arrested him. There was also a stalking case in our school last year. Some kid from another high school would stalk this girl at my school. It turned into a big problem, I believe it was on the local news. o_o

Besides those two things, I don't ever remember being in a crime scene.
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