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Webcomic Studio seeks Artist(s)
mpraxxius at 11:30AM, Jan. 5, 2009
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Flaming Pigeon Studios is a new online webcomic studio. We currently have four series running with weekly updates and are seeking a new artist for issues 3 and 4 of one of our series, Doppelganger –

We are not looking for an identical style for issues 3 and 4 – instead, we would like to see a style change more befitting the new body of the protagonist and the new storyline. The ideal artist would have a non-anime style.

The current artist for Doppelganger also draws one of the other comics at the studio, and he’d like more time to focus his attention on the other project. As such, we are also looking for an artist to take over Issue 2 of Doppelganger. As issue 2 is still in the same story arc as the current issue we are looking for someone who is able to draw in a similar style to the current artwork.

We believe in following a proper update schedule, and are looking for someone able to produce no less than 1 page per week. Depending on negotiations with the artist, we would even like to increase the update schedule to twice a week – that is by no means a requirement, however.

Script for the comic is provided already broken down into panel divisions. Suggestions for the art in each panel are occasionally included.

As we are both a webcomic studio and new to the online world we cannot offer pay at this time. Instead, we have a royalty share agreement that will provide compensation in the event that we manage to earn money from any work created for the studio. We also require that an intellectual property contract be signed for any work done with the studio.

If interested, please send me either a private note or an email (flamingpigeonstudios at with a link to recent artwork.

Thank you.
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