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Why did you join DrunkDuck?
krazy_taco at 12:25PM, July 1, 2008
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joined: 10-15-2007
What made you join DrunkDuck?

For me it was looked like a friendly well-balanced community and I really needed a place to post my comics.

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liz at 1:50PM, July 1, 2008
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I like how easy it is for anyone to upload a comic. The interface is very easy to navigate and customizing your comic layout is easy. It encourages people to create! =]
I've been trying for the past 30min. to upload pages of my comic on Webcomics Nation… >_> I prefer DD.

Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! =D
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lba at 1:58PM, July 1, 2008
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Because more than anything else I needed a place to host. I hardly did any research even really. DD was the first place I found that even looked like it might work for me so I just did it. At the time, I didn't even know the community existed. I just knew that DD was offering free hosting.
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Lonnehart at 1:59PM, July 1, 2008
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Because the site that would eventually become Comic Genesis had a major meltdown…
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SpANG at 2:00PM, July 1, 2008
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You don't join Drunk Duck. It joins YOU.

… No, wait. You do join it. Never mind.
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Jinachi at 2:03PM, July 1, 2008
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I thought originall it was about ducks getting drunk….. i guess thats
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SarahN at 2:12PM, July 1, 2008
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The comments. THE COMMENTS!!
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Bocaj at 2:30PM, July 1, 2008
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The format, the comics, the people.
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usedbooks at 3:03PM, July 1, 2008
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Looked like the easiest place to upload my pages without much hassle. Plus it had lots of good reviews on the lists of webcomic hosts I looked at when searching for a place.
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WadeTheFade at 6:54PM, July 1, 2008
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Reasons unknown… oh wait!
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lucky7s76 at 7:38AM, July 2, 2008
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I'm a sucker for customizing things, so seeing I could fully customize the “site” for my comics is one thing that drew me in. Another was how easy it was to upload pages - I hard-coded my comics into my own website for the longest time and it took too long. And the last thing was the forum - it has the friendliest community of users, mods, and admins I've seen among art communities.

Oh, and it's free. That too. :)
By the time you finish this, you'll have read it. :3

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CoyoteLongshot at 10:47AM, July 2, 2008
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Well, I have a confession. I wasn't gonna post my comic here originally. I wanted to post it at this site, ‘cuz they paid you for a comic that you managed to keep consistently updating. They of course rejected me (This was back when I was so impressed with what I had done that I couldn’t really see how much I sucked XD), but looking back I'm glad they did. I get so much more input here than I ever would have gotten there, and there's so many cool comics here to check out.

Besides, I never would have been able to stick to an update schedule anyway. I have recently discovered that ain't my style.
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seventy2 at 11:45AM, July 2, 2008
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mostly due to the exact same reasons as up there.
Running Anew an exercise blog.
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claus at 12:41PM, July 2, 2008
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I liked ShadowGamer's comic so much that I registered an account just to comment on his comics. There's way too much content here to see in one lifetime, that's what I like about this.
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avisfortuna at 5:00PM, July 2, 2008
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I had narrowed it down to here and ComicGenesis, and I picked Drunkduck because of the auto-updating system and the community. :) Also, many of my favorite comics were on Drunkduck already, and the favorites list here is more convenient than a bunch of bookmarks.
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Aussie_kid at 5:36PM, July 2, 2008
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At the time, DD was the only comic hosting site I knew of (I was still very much a new kid when it came to webcomics). Also, I saw the other comics and thought ‘Me too!’
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Raccoo at 12:31AM, July 3, 2008
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For CTV and all the other cool comics on here. And it's cool that you can favorite comics and look at them at work or wherever. Being able to comment on comics you like, get replies from the artist/writer.
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Adariel at 5:44AM, July 3, 2008
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The site was great overall ( layout, user friendly, community the works ) I didn't even have plans for a webcomic back then and before i know it im studying on becoming an artist myself.
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Lygo at 5:30AM, July 4, 2008
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Used to do little sketches at college when I was bored, then a friend told me I should put them on the internet because, and I quote, “they like that random stuff there”.

Two hours of installing a scanner, signing up and uploading to DrunkDuck later, and here I am.
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Frostflowers at 9:54AM, July 4, 2008
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It's easy to upload comics, I don't really need to do anything more than click a few buttons and type a few words - and besides, the forums are a really nice bonus. :)
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darrell at 10:22AM, July 4, 2008
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I joined because a friend of mine was posting a comic on DrunkDuck and I wanted to help by voting for him. It was a little while later that I decided to start my own comic and post it here (I didn't even look anywhere else, I was just following along with my friend).
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 11:11AM, July 4, 2008
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Custom layouts = awesome.
i will also like to know you the more
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 5:01PM, July 4, 2008
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The community :D
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kyupol at 6:17PM, July 4, 2008
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Because someone linked this site in another forum and I clicked the link.

And then I liked it.
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Chris chris at 6:29AM, July 5, 2008
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A good friend of mine gave me a list of free webcomic hosting websites, this was one of the places. I looked at the other sites and saw some of them way too complicated and not so friendly. DD really caught my eye so I decided to have a go. Now I'm happy I chose it. Easy uploading system, great artist and stuffs.
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Priest_Revan at 9:34AM, July 5, 2008
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Free hosting.

God honest, the community meant nothing to me at first.
Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


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phinmagic at 1:54PM, July 5, 2008
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Coffman made me do it….
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Sandy Y at 12:39PM, July 6, 2008
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Cthulhu at 8:25PM, July 6, 2008
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How I joined DrunkDuck, and how I got my name are related, so I'll tell both stories.

First, it all started about three years ago. I was a huge miniatures nerd, and collected them. I saw this and nearly fainted from fanboy excitement. Anyway, because of it, I google'd “Cthulhu” and found this. I registered as Cthulhu. Then, one day, we were talking about the Grim Reaper, so I google'd “The Grim Reaper” and found Life and Death. I looked around DrunkDuck, liked it, and registered.
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 8:50PM, July 6, 2008
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I bet I can tell a better story than Cthulhu.

It all started when a friend showed me Newgrounds. I became addicted to Flash animation. Then one day I stumbled upon this. I was all “lol so randum xD” and I followed the link to the comic at the very end. It brought me to I loved this comic. I read through the entire archives ten times. So then one day I registered on the forum. Other readers of the Avatar would converse about anything. Truly this was my first “Top Drawer”. (And a better one.) Dazi, a prominent member of the forum, created a comic. It was hosted at a site known as Drunk Duck. I looked around the site, and the many comics it had to offer. I realized that even my poorly compressed MSP comics could be a lighthouse in the sea of sprites. So it was decided: I would create a comic called Atom Apple. I filled out the basic information of my comic.

Well, I thought I did anyway. That's how I got my username…

That was years ago.

And I still haven't created a worthwile comic.

i will also like to know you the more
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