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Why does everyone hate sprite comics so much??????
Lords_of_Darkness at 6:22PM, Oct. 10, 2006
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Wow this is gonna be bad lol. Anyways heres my point. Sprite comics take just as much thought, ever tryed to start a sprite comic and figure out what sprites to use? yeah ok then. took me 2 days, and even then i regret using these sprites. And we still need a story line, just like any other one. Sprite comics are for those who A) dont have a scanner B) cant draw C) dont feel like spending all their valuable time on a comic, just about an hour (im all of the above BTW)
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lefarce at 6:40PM, Oct. 10, 2006
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There is a thread about this in the comic discussion section. Lets try not to open another can of worms ;) .

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