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Wintergreen Contest: Making the Band
Hero at 10:55AM, March 22, 2007
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Hey, look. It's another contest. What I'm asking for is people to desgin bandmates, give them a name and tell me what instrument they play. I'll take it from there. Winner gets a 106 pg Color Wintergreen Comic Collection and the oft forgotten Wintergreen CD. Heck, if you win and don't like them, they make lovely gifts, frisbees and taste great in milk. Proto-Culture Comics has not confirmed the edibillity of said items and strongly reccomends you keep them away from milk.)

If there's any more questions, wanna know where to send your contribution or if you just want sit there looking pretty and stare at a screen of information regauring it, the Wintergreen Link's in the sig.
K.A.L.A-Dan: Rival!
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