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SpANG at 8:37AM, Feb. 3, 2007
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Anyone ever go to

Sometimes has some great stuff at really good prices.
Basically, one item is displayed for a 24-hour period. Sometimes the item is great, sometimes it's lame. Really depends on your taste. Shipping is always $5.00, no matter what.

Here are my 2 recent woots:

I can't wait to get the tablet PC.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you in on it
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Terminal at 8:38AM, Feb. 3, 2007
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herio at 5:36PM, Feb. 3, 2007
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i prefer YAY

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BigFishComic at 7:22PM, Feb. 3, 2007
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I use because you know, they've got a lot of really slick deals.
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dragonlova at 3:35PM, Feb. 5, 2007
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stardusty at 10:11PM, Feb. 5, 2007
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I've bought three things from A set of speakers, an xm radio and a monitor. All very good deals too.
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