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would anyone be willing to help me with art for a little while?[Putrid Meat,Dethroned]
PIT_FACE at 4:27PM, Sept. 22, 2009
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ive had so much stuff to do art and NON art related lately that i just want some breathing room where i can just let something go for a little while.

now i'm not COMPLETELY sure about this yet, i might just do this myself if i get my act together. but if anyone wants to help by doing a few pages of art for Dethroned or Putrid Meat, it'd be a big help. basically i'd give you a script to work from. i'd like to have maby a strip up a week if we could pull it off. this wouldnt be more then a few pages either. i dont have anything to pay with either so im really sorry aobut just curious, if i do decide to drop out for a little while if anyone would help me out.the link to PM's in my sig and Dethroned is in my profile. but since there's not many pages to it yet i'll just say it's gonna end up being an axe murder massacre slasher type thing. anyone?

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ParkerFarker at 6:51PM, Sept. 22, 2009
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I might be able to help. How long for do you reckon?

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elektro at 9:57PM, Sept. 22, 2009
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If there is one of those “Beginning of chapter” splash pages for either book in the near future, I may be able to work on one of those. Unfortunately, I have enough of my own projects that I cannot work on a whole lot of them, and my style doesn't really give justice to any story pages, but I'd really like to get involved, and I love doing splash pages.
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df_karnovski at 1:24AM, Sept. 23, 2009
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I would love to give it a shot helping out.
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PIT_FACE at 8:41AM, Sept. 24, 2009
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actually i think the problem's solved now, but thanks alot guys!

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