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wow that was unexpected
mirr at 6:58PM, Nov. 19, 2007
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reading back on this, i think it might sound like i'm bragging. i wasn't trying to i assure you.

so i don't really much pay attention to my profile, at all really. i kind of looked at it once, posted some information and that was it. i've never looked at the trophy section or what in the hell they meant…. well i was posting a page, and i thought to myself that i had better update my profile with my proper age. (my birthday was just last month, and i never updated my profile with it.) so i do so and randomly scroll down to look at everything else listed there. i look to the trophies and decide it's about time i figured out what they all mean.
so to my surprise i find out that one of my comics was ranked withing the top 100. weird, i figure one of them might have slipped into like #100 or #99 within one of the hours i updated… (i didn't know the system didn't work like this)
so driven by curiousity is check my stat pages.

AA-80: The Raven #287 in comic book
Yummy Bunny #93 in comic book

wow thanks guys….
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Rutger at 12:30PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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You're lucky. Most of us are still waiting for the Top 1000 trophy :p

Congrats though, awesome job. I can only hope I will once reach the level of top 100 comicry!

K.A.L.A.-dan! rutGAR desu!
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marine at 12:36PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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I don't have my top 100 comic even though I'm in the top stuff.

I thought surely by now, after six months of not working, these trophies would work.

Course I also thought with platinum studios bankrolling our website I could get some kind of income for doing what I do, but sometimes stuff just don't work out.

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