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Writer seeking artist - Take a look
Skreyola at 11:06PM, Dec. 8, 2007
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I have over 80 strips worth of scripts (and story arc notes for more) surrounding the activities of the employees on the job, but I'll be glad to work with the artist on things that happen off the job, if that is desired.

I have a rich group of characters, but I'll be glad to include characters the artist would like to explore.

In short, I have material for a strip that will stand on its own, but I'm willing to explore ideas the artist may have. Either way, I think this could be a great strip.

But I need to find the artist, first.

Strip name: Adilektico

Setting: The office, the employees' homes, and anywhere the adventures lead.

Art style: Negotiable. It's a dramatic strip, but it has whimsical elements, so maybe not too realistic. But almost any style could work.

Content: Probably G to PG-13

Pay: None, unless the strip makes money, then 60% of profits go to the artist.

Possibilities: Endless.

The scripts I've written mostly chronicle the day-to-day experiences at the office of Elliot, who is a programmer for the company. As I mentioned, these scripts may just form an anchor for the adventures that may happen off-the-clock, if that is desired. Elliot is a Christian.

If you're interested, leave a comment or send me a message on Yahoo! IM at writernospam_mc, removing the words no and spam from the username. You can e-mail me at
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angry_black_guy at 3:19PM, Dec. 9, 2007
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Hmmm… comic “strip” as in 3-4 panels per “gag” or however you put it?

I'm interested. I've been looking to do something small in my downtime when I'm not working on my own project. I'm mostly a “cartoony” artist but I draw in various styles (just not manga style as in “big eyes, little mouth” and I don't use tones… EVER). I can color or do plain black and white. The actual “style” I'll use will depend on the script itself (as my style varies depending on the tone of the writing).

I have a comic on this site… haven't updated it in almost 2 months because I've been working on other things.

I prefer to draw by hand, pen and ink, but I can do computer art as well. If you want me to do a test page to see how I'll work with your writing, then please email me a sample script or something. If you just want to chat or ask me questions/see more sample work, then feel free to email me at:

jbrown (at) email2me (dot) com

I have an alternative address so please CC any responses to this one as well

jmbrown (at) as39 (dot) navy (dot) mil

(obviously change the (at) and (dot) to @ and ‘.’ respectively).

I'll be looking forward to a reply. Thanks.

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