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Writer Seeking Artist For New Webcomic(s).
Splatoon at 4:02PM, June 22, 2008
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Hello! I'm looking for artist or artists interested in creating new webcomics right here on Drunk Duck! I've got a few ideas I'm looking to explore; one is a crime drama about a down on his luck cage fighter who befriends a Mafia princess, the other's a surreal comedy about a typical suburban college student who struggles to bring meaning to his dreary existence through a hyper-active imagination and increasingly bizarre behavior. Also, I'd be happy to work with any artist looking to develop their own idea or series. I'm always looking to refine my skills and broaden my horizons, and as such I'm willing to tackle pretty much any subject/genre.

If you're at all interested, please drop me a line at, or hit me up with a PM. I have sample scripts I'd be happy to send out to anyone who provides an art sample or link, and if you'd like to see some of my non-fiction writing, I currently do comic reviews over at Rack Raids (
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