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Writer seeking artist for web comic
Rainwolf95 at 9:26AM, Nov. 13, 2009
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At least a webcomic for the beginning, it may become printed later on. And if that happens you'll get fifty percent of the profits.

(And it's more of a really long graphic novel from the way it's going.)

I need an artist who is good with a light hearted ‘campy’ type art style, but also able to do it a bit more serious and dramatic when needed. Coloring would be nice but not required.

The plot of my comic is a bit of a superhero one, but not quite. The story focuses on the daughter of the superhero Orion, whose dad is constantly training and preparing her for taking on the business despite him being aware of her not having any powers.

Adrienne doesn't want to be a superhero, but goes along with it to make her dad happy. Throughout the comic she attempts to dissuade her dad without actually telling him she doesn't want to go into the ‘family business’

A lot of the comic is about Adrienne and her friends, her attempts to have a normal life, her interaction with her dad's friends and fellow heroes, and her eventual giving in and becoming a superhero when she has to save her dad.

At least, that's the plan, I've only got thirty five pages written at the moment, but my plan is to be able to write the pages faster than you can draw them.

If you want to do it either PQ me or respond to the topic.
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