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Writer seeking Artist. Likes long walks on the beach.
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Right then… what to say, what to say….

Basically what the title says. I am a writer looking for an artist.
Now I can provide the plot, dialogs, storyboarding and such while in return I need someone who can… well… draw stuff. I am of course preferably looking for someone who can draw different types of faces, emotions, poses, landscapes, the works. Coloring is not necessary but would be a bonus.

Undoubtedly there are far more writers looking for artist then wise versa so those who can draw pretty stuff have the luxury of picking and choosing. I guess that means that if I am to have any chance in hell to find anyone willing to draw my brain matter then I better show that I have stuff worth drawing right?

Right then. I have a fun proposition. I want anyone who's interested in drawing lots and lots of stuff and are good at it to show me samples of what they can do. What I'm looking for are emotions, landscapes, walk cycles, the works. If I like what I see then I'll be in touch explaining what kind of stories I have in mind. I have lots of fun ideas ranging from ridiculously epic storyline that will take absolutely forever to finish down to much more modest and simple stuff that will be easier on an artists wrist. If you in return like what I have to offer…. well…. I guess we have something there then.

Oh and if you find yourself being repulsed by my english as I write to you plot ideas then I like to say in my defense that I am not a native english speaker and when we would go full steam ahead with comic making then I will have all my stuff rigorously spell and grammar checked.
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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